Friday, April 19, 2024 AD / Shawwal 10, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Several of our companions informed us, they said: Before the emergence of the fitnah of ISIS, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani invited a group of people to know Islam and prepare the ground for the Mahdi’s advent. Then one day, he heard them in the mosque saying: “He is lying!” So he went and sat on the pulpit, praised Allah, sent peace upon His Prophet, and then said:

O people! Where are you heading, and where was the path cut off for you?! Do you think that I am lying?! Against whom?! Against Allah?! While, unlike you, I say nothing about Him out of conjecture! Or against the Caliph of Allah?! While I invite you toward no one but him, and if I fall off the sky, it is dearer to me than lying against him! No, by Allah, I have not lied, but you have failed to understand my words, and soon you will realize their truth when fitnahs surround you like raging waves, chaos approaches you like a destructive tornado, and you find no one other than me to guide you to the path of salvation!

Woe to you! Do you assume that I speak out of passion?! While you see that I am on a clear sign from my Lord! Or do you assume that I am greedy for your world?! While you see that I do not ask you for any reward, and I have made myself a target for the arrows of calamity! Or do you assume that I seek superiority over you?! While I find in superiority over you nothing but the toil of the day and the wakefulness of the night! No, never do these suspicions find a way in me! I follow the path of the Quran, illuminate the light of the Sunnah, and invite toward the Mahdi, and my Guardian is Allah.

And soon a man with a large belly, wicked in nature, will seize control over you. Then he will suck your blood and drink it like a leech. O you love child! Increase your pressure so that they know who the liar is and know the truthful one! And woe to you, O such-and-such [the name of a city], which has been adorned like a bride in the bridal chamber! How will you be -I wish I knew- when the peak of your towers burns in flames, and turbulent winds scatter your ashes in the dusty air of the world?! Oh, what long nights lie ahead!

Then he came down from the pulpit and left.

Explanation of the saying:

His Eminence’s intended meaning of this statement: “Unlike you, I say nothing about Him out of conjecture” is that people believe in the authority of solitary reports and attribute some beliefs and rulings to Allah based on them, while solitary reports are based on nothing but conjecture and inevitably result in unintentionally lying against Allah. However, he does not believe in the authority of solitary reports, nor does he attribute anything to Allah except based on the Quran and mutawatir reports from the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family. Therefore, it is impossible for him to lie against Allah, unlike them. Also, his intended meaning of this statement: “You see that I am on a clear sign from my Lord” is that he speaks based on scholarly principles and definite rules that people can perceive by referring to his published works. Accordingly, there is no reason to accuse him of speaking out of passion. These principles and rules have been collected in the book Return to Islam, and whoever looks at it can see that each one of them has evidence from the intellect and Sharia. Also, his report about that man has been realized in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS; because he sucked the blood of Muslims and increased his pressure on them until many of them realized that he was a liar about his claim of the caliphate, and the truthful one is Mansoor who invites toward the Mahdi’s Caliphate, and there was no sign of ISIS when he made this statement. Therefore, it can be considered one of the wonders of this righteous servant, indicating his proximity to Allah. As for the adorned city whose peak of towers burn in flames, our companions did not mention its name due to certain considerations and security concerns at that time. However, this report has also been realized in various Muslim lands, such as the burning towers in Syria during the civil wars, the Plasco Building in Tehran that completely collapsed due to a fire that surrounded it until it reached its peak in the year 1438 AH, and so on.

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