Monday, May 20, 2024 AD / Dhul-Qa’dah 12, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Translation of the saying:

Some men from Iran came to him after the pandemic spread there, so he addressed them and said:

“How long will you be arrogant and harden your hearts? How long will you be heedless and insist on your sins? How long will you not listen to my advice or take my warning seriously? Do you not see the flood of calamity, how it descends from every direction, throws down giant rocks, uproots dense trees, and has a sound like that of an explosion?! Does the storm of the pandemic not blow and the hail of death not fall, such that you have crawled into the crypts and are hiding in the houses while if you come out, you will die of the pandemic, and if you do not come out, you will die of hunger?![1] Then why are you still heedless and keep committing your sins?! Whom are you being stubborn with, and why do you deceive yourselves?! Like a person who has fallen from the sky and is about to hit the ground with his head, but he closes his eyes and says: ‘I have not fallen!’ Will he not hit the rocks soon, and will his flesh and bones not tear to pieces?! Or like a person whose liver has come out of his throat and has been thrown on the ground, but he looks at it and says: ‘It is nothing!’ How is it nothing?! While his liver has come out of his throat and has been thrown on the ground?! This is your example, for you are being punished from above you and from beneath your feet, but you say: ‘It is natural, and it is not a punishment from God!’

Is it not time that you believed God is angry with you and punishes you?! Is it not time that you stopped being stubborn and reformed yourselves? Now the world is boiling and gurgling like a pot on fire, but you look at it and say: ‘It is normal!’ No, I swear to God, it is not normal, but you are conceited and arrogant, so you do not admit it! Like a stubborn oppressor who rules over you, then he whispers to you and says: ‘This is not a great calamity, and we have experienced something greater than it, and perhaps our enemies have made it’[2]; because he does not fear God, acts arrogantly against Him, and fears that he will be accused of failure. Inevitably, his arrogance will become a fire, then it will burn him and whoever follows him; because they were not humble before God, nor did they submit to God when they saw His anger and felt His calamity, but they increased their arrogance and said to the one who invites them toward the truth: ‘Will we be punished for being hostile toward you?! Never! Who are you and what is your importance?!’ So they considered him weak and themselves great; like those before them who mocked the Messengers of God and said: ‘They are madmen and talk nonsense, and there is no punishment! Who are they and what is their importance?! If God willed, He would send the Angels or delegate one of our elders!’ Then they considered them weak and themselves great until the punishment of God descended, and what they thought was impossible happened!

Now avoid them; because God has not wanted to purify them, but rather He has wanted to humiliate them in the world and make them the fuel of Hell in the Hereafter. So turn away from them; because they are reckless and arrogant people and have raised their necks and broadened their shoulders against the Lord of the worlds, but rather you shall fear God and turn to Him in repentance, may it be that He forgives you your sins and cancels your destruction; because He has decided to destroy you.

Do not say: ‘What have we done, and what sin have we committed?!’ Because this will be considered your insolence! Do you really not know what you have done, and what sin you have committed?! If so, then I will tell you: You have withheld the dominion of God from His Caliph[3] and handed it over to taghuts! So they have spoiled your religion and corrupted your world, yet you do not take it from them to hand it over to God’s Caliph! Therefore, you share in their oppression, but rather you are from them!

You have abandoned the rulings of God and made rulings with your desires; because you do not like the rulings of God and say that they are not fair!

You have taken the paths of disbelievers and practiced their ways, but rather you have become their friends and Muslims’ enemies!

You have come to agreement with Satan for power and accepted ignominy for wealth!

Many of you have denied Islam, and many of you have doubted it!

A hundred religions have emerged among you, and a thousand sects have spread among you!

You abandon obligations and commit prohibitions, then you say: ‘Never mind; our hearts are pure!’

You make light of prayer and do not pay Zakat!

You say: ‘Do not perform Hajj, but rather feed the needy,’ but you are lying; because you neither perform Hajj nor feed the needy!

Your speech is not free from crude words, backbiting, or lies!

You have got drunk on the wine of desires and plunged into the swamp of passions! Do you not see your youth, how they commit indecencies?!

Trustworthiness has been removed from your men, and chastity has become rare among your women! Now they dress as prostitutes and strut around markets; because they have no modesty, and their men have no jealousy!

You have got used to usury and drowned in gambling, but rather you have made usury lawful and gambling obligatory![4]

You have excelled in embezzlement and become unrivaled in bribery! You say: ‘The human being has the right to take as much as he can!’ So you deceive each other and devour each other’s belongings falsely, then you say: ‘We have worked hard and taken our rights!’ Inevitably, you eat, but you will not be full, and you run, but you will not reach anywhere!

You do not enjoin right or forbid wrong, but rather you enjoin wrong and forbid right; because you see right as wrong and wrong as right!

Your prisons are full, and your mosques are empty! Although your mosques, too, are centers for innovations and misguidance!

Poverty sings, and indecency dances!

On one side there are addicted men, and on another side there are prostitutes!

There is no trace of justice left among you, nor of honor or generosity! Where are free men?! Where are those who enjoin justice?!

Knowledge has been taken away from your scholars, as action has been taken away! Rather, where are your scholars?! As if they do not exist! Rather, if only they had not existed!

The people of religion among you are more harmful than the people of sin among you; that is, your good ones are worse than your bad ones! Because they have named their sin religion and do evil to be rewarded! A flock of ignorant, misguided, arrogant people who perform prayer in imitation, then they go to obey a tyrant, help a dajjal, blow into the fire of division, or oppose me while I invite them toward the truth, so in this way, they cause harm that those who abandon prayer do not! Woe to them; because adultery is better than their prayer! Now their Shias accuse their Sunnis, and their Sunnis charge their Shias with disbelief! Some of them have attacked some others and filled the world with hatred! They have neither a portion of knowledge nor a share in politeness! They are far from fairness and firmly rooted in fanaticism! They roar like a bear, howl like a wolf, crawl like a snake, and sniff like a dog to seize whoever does not think like them! They do not understand religion, but they issue fatwas, and they do not use the intellect, but they philosophize! They are dogmatic, fault-finders, superficial, and foul-mouthed! Evil is hidden in their eyes, and foolishness is manifest in their words! When they speak, they revile and slander, and when they are silent, they scheme and lie in wait! They say: ‘Revile; because it is permissible, and slander; because it will be rewarded,’[5] so Satan marvels at their devilment, and a wicked one is astonished by their wickedness! They saw up the stump of religion and axe its root, then they say that they are its protectors! Where is one who protects religion against them?! Because it has no enemy greater than them!

These are the people of religion among you, and this is the description of your condition! Do you know now what you have done, and what sin you have committed?! Do you know now why God is angry with you and punishes you?! The oppression of your rulers, the corruption of your scholars, the silence of your righteous ones, the misguidance of the people of religion among you, and the sin of your men and women have angered Him and made Him punish you; because you have gathered around badness, and there is no goodness among you! So what should He do?! Should He leave you to go on with your error forever?! It is impossible; because He has a promise that must be fulfilled. So your period is limited. If you repent, then good for you; because you have gained salvation and happiness, and if you do not repent, He will take you away and bring other people, then they will not be like you. Now see what you do; because I informed you and anyone to whom my words reach, in the eastern and western parts of the earth, from people of all sects, whether he likes me or hates me; because my words have reached him, and the proof has been established against him.

I ask God for forgiveness for myself and whoever repents and reforms.”

Explanation of the saying:

This invaluable sermon, although it has been delivered to the people of Iran, is beneficial to all Muslims who follow their method and have been afflicted with what they have been afflicted with, such as the corona pandemic and all other divine punishments in the life of the world; so they must fear God and turn to Him in repentance before a punishment like that of Aad and Thamud comes to them, ﴿وَذَلِكَ عَلَى اللَّهِ يَسِيرٌ[6]; “and that is easy for God.”

↑[1] . Referring to the severe need that befell people during quarantine days that spread through many countries.
↑[2] . Referring to the words of the leader of Iran, who has always been the axis of hostility toward His Excellency Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, may God protect him.
↑[3] . It means Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him, who is alive and hidden because he fears for his life from people. See Q&A 6.
↑[4] . It appears that what is meant by “gambling” here is “insurance”; because it is a kind of gambling in his opinion, and the rulers in Iran and many countries have made it obligatory.
↑[5] . Referring to the words of the Rafidites who say that it is permissible and recommended to revile and slander those who oppose them, based on a hadith that has been falsely attributed to the Ahl al-Bayt and has led them to revile and slander the righteous servant, His Excellency Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, may God protect him; because he opposes their innovations, superstitions, and oppressive rulers.
↑[6] . At-Taghabun/ 7
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