Thursday, Fabruary 29, 2024 AD / Sha’aban 19, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Translation of the saying:

One of our helpers informed us, he said: We were with his honor Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him when one of our companions entered, holding a piece of paper. So when he sat down, he turned to his honor and said: “May I be your sacrifice, this is a letter written by a woman from your fans and delivered to me through several intermediaries. So shall I give it to you to read?”. He said: “No, but read it aloud so that everyone can hear!”. So he read it loud and it said: “Peace be upon you, Oh pure and sincere servant of God! I have a question that I am ashamed to ask, but I have no choice left; because I can no longer bear to stay in this state and one day regret this problem of mine. I have not prayed for a while, despite the fact that I accept the whole religion and I am a Hijabi woman to the extent of wearing face covering and I do not listen to music. However, I have not prayed for a while and no one knows this problem of mine except God; because I have not let anyone know. I am very upset about this, but it is like it is not my fault! I am tired and I am asking for your help to tell me what to do with this pain that there is not a day that I do not think about it. I do not want my master Mahdi to forget me and stay away from your helpers because of not praying. I am not afraid of hell, but if my master Mahdi tells me not to come, this is hell for me! I want to ask you what to do, and I ask you to pray for me not to be from those who are left behind and not the unaware people. Pray for me to be a faithful servant of this way one day. I hope you respond to my letter as soon as possible; because I know it is getting late for me every moment. Hope you succeed in this path!”. So all the helpers were amazed to hear these words and began to talk and discuss to each other about how such a thing is possible! So his honor turned to them and said:

“Are you surprised by this? While in each of you there are things much more surprising than this! You say that we are Mansoor’s helpers, while you do not abandon the world to its people and do not abandon your wife and children and parents for God and you sin in private, as if you do not believe in God and the Day of Judgment! Indeed, ignorance makes the human heart sick, and negligence weakens it, and sin kills it, and the passage of time makes it rot, as it makes the dead rot and then every disease and weakness and death and filth in it infects other parts of the body and destroys them all at once. Therefore, prepare your ignorance with knowledge and your negligence with Dhikr and your sin with repentance as soon as possible, before time passes on you and you can no longer do so. Now who is this person that blows the dust from his sleeve so it would not pollute him, but he does not wash the impurity from his body that has polluted him up to his neck?! Does he not know that there are seven gates between you and heaven, each of which is beyond the other, and none of you will enter the sky unless he passes through all seven gates, and the key to the first gate is prayer?! So do your prayer and do not say that I do not pray; for whoever does not pray will not enter heaven, even if he fasts and gives charity and performs Hajj and does many good deeds, but God -Our Lord- on the Day of Judgment will not look at him or speak to him, and for him is a painful torment. How surprising it is that someone who is afraid of Mahdi’s rebuke, but is not afraid of the torment of Hell! Is he afraid of the Caliph of God and is he not afraid of God Himself?! Surely, if he knew God, he would have feared him, but if he knew His caliph, indeed he would have feared what he fears; because Mahdi himself is afraid of the torment of Hell and he trembles for the fear of it and he prays; but the angels in the heavens and Gabriel, the trustworthy of our Lord, fear the torment of Hell and tremble for the fear of it and they pray; for there is no evil and sedition and suffering and destruction unless it is in the torment of Hell and there is no good and blessing and comfort and mercy unless it is not found in it and therefore, whoever benefits from intellect is indeed afraid of it and nobody is reckless about it but someone who is foolish and he is the only one who does not pray because of his recklessness. Whereas if he thinks that he is not afraid of it, it is still better for him to pray in order to thank the blessings of God and to obey His command and not to follow the path of His enemy, the Satan, who disobeyed His command and refused to prostrate and for this reason he became miserable and cursed. Surely, whoever goes to the path of Satan and refuses to prostrate, will face his fate and will be with him in Hell; except that he will blame him there and say: <Woe to you; because I did not prostrate for Adam and you did not prostrate for God!>. I tell you the truth: Surely whoever does not pray is worse than Satan; because Satan was commanded to prostrate for him, while he prostrates for Satan! Unless he repents and prays; because God accepts repentance and He is merciful”.

At this time, one of the helpers said to his honor: “Oh Master! Pray for her; because she is of your fans!”. So his honor started praying and said:

“Oh God the Merciful, you are patient with the ignorance of your servants and you do not hasten in their torment and you are able to guide them! Have mercy on this servant of yours and make her successful in doing prayer; because she wants to be purified and she loves your Caliph Mahdi!”.

So all the helpers said: “Accept it Oh You Lord of the Worlds!”.

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