Friday, June 14, 2024 AD / Dhul-Hijjah 7, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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A group of our companions informed us, they said: The multitude of parties[1] and their conflict over governance were mentioned in the presence of Mansoor, so he said:

“O people! Cast out the desire for dominion from your minds, drive the fondness for chiefship off your hearts, and do not get into conflict over power that you hold a grudge against each other, find fault with each other, fabricate lies against each other, revile each other, rip each other’s collar, punch each other in the mouth, and some of you lie in ambush for some others to shed each other’s blood so that you may be leaders instead of other leaders and eat up some wealth with your wealth!

O people! Seek out the leader whom God has appointed for you[2], may it be that you find him; because he dries ignorance, removes poverty, eliminates oppression, and casts out sadness from your homes, and you will not find him unless when you gird your loins to help him and some of you join some others[3].

O people! If you do not help him, God takes you away and brings other people, then they will not be like you.

O people! Listen to my word and pass it on to others; because no better word than that will be heard. So listen to it and pass it on to your relatives and friends...

How long will you follow dajjals and obey those whom God has not commanded you to obey?! Do not follow one who considers himself a prophet after Muhammad; because there is no prophet after Muhammad, and do not follow one who considers himself an imam after Mahdi; because there is no imam after Mahdi, and do not follow one who considers himself an imam before Mahdi’s appearance; because there is no imam before Mahdi’s appearance, there is only a scholar who prepares the ground for his advent, and do not follow one who considers himself Mahdi and does not bring you a clear sign and some of the inheritance of the Prophets; because he is not Mahdi, but rather he is more astray than the donkey of his house.

I have made it clear to you so that you do not go astray. So may God curse one who hears my word and then denies or opposes it, and he goes out of the protection of God, and it will be permissible for Mahdi to shed his blood, he will shed it if he wants, and he will forgive him if he wants. Those who are present shall convey to those who are absent.”

↑[1] . It means various sects and cults that have emerged among Muslims.
↑[2] . It means Mahdi whom the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him and his family, has promised in mutawatir narrations.
↑[3] . For complete details in this regard, refer to the book Geometry of Justice; a narration of a dialogue with Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani.
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