Tuesday, January 25, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 22, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(17) Any Imam who does not rule by the order of God, invites to the fire and accepting his sovereignty is worshiping Taughut. (Section: Criticisms and investigations)

Translation of the saying:

One of our helpers informed us and said: I saw Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani leaning on a berry tree and advising a group of people and saying:

“Oh you servants of God who are being busy gathering wealth and competing to achieve power! Be aware that your life is unstable, and your death is close. Graves have been dug for you and shrouds have been made for you. Soon this world which you suffered for and oppressed for and lied for and ruined other people’s reputations for, will turn its back to you and will abandon you. Neither it becomes sorry for your inertia after your motion nor it becomes upset about your coldness after your warmth. It does not sorrow on your children if they become orphans and it does not regret for your wives if they become widows; because no mercy has been put in its nature and no kindness exists in its essence. It has pressed its foot on the throat of infants and has made newlywed brides miserable and has not let go of wistful youth and needy elderlies. Too many oppressed people it has not brought to justice and too many fallen people it has not taken their hands! Aye from all screams which have been raised to the sky because of it and aye from all tears which are falling because of it! You are inheritors of the predecessors and the posterities are your inheritors. You are resided in the houses of those who are residing in graves now and you have come to offices of those whom no muscle is left on their bones now. What beautiful faces that blew and exploded and what well-built bodies that rotted and disintegrated! So to what thing of this world you have attachments and where at it do you look?! Whereas what you have gathered will be scattered and what you have built will disintegrate. You have made your bodies fat for the worms and you have spent your wealth for the termites. Your lives depend on a sip and your breaths depend on a morsel. Your body is powerless, and world’s pests are ambushing. Wherever you go, you are in the hands of death, and you have no escape from it. You will neither be safe at the peaks of the mountains, nor hidden from it in the nooks of the valleys. Now that you have a chance and you can, prepare and pack for the hereafter and have yourself do something beneficial for you”.

At that time, a young man among the people said: “oh master! What is the best pack for the hereafter and what is the most beneficial work for us?”. His honor looked at him and said:

“You will be trained by my teaching and guided by my guidance; because I speak wisdom and knowledge sprinkles from me. The best pack for the hereafter is piety and the most beneficial work for you is helping the Caliph of God; because avoiding badness has priority over doing good and helping the Caliph of God is superior to helping others. Do not help the oppressors to spill the blood of the oppressed, and do not take the rulers’ side to abandon Mahdi’s side! Who is more miserable than the one who trades his hereafter for the world of the others, and who is more misguided than the one who prefers his appointed ruler over God’s appointed ruler?! Regrets will come to all his pieces like blood, and remorse will cover him from head to toe like skin, when death comes down to his head like an eagle and plugs its claws in his soul like arrow, to take him with itself to a world which is totally horrible and sad, and there is no turning back from it”.

Then he turned to the people and said with a loud voice:

“Be aware oh people! Turn away from the world before it turns away from you and turn to the hereafter before it turns to you. have your souls keep abstinence, and do not habituate to pleasure. Make the world hard on yourself, so that the hereafter becomes easy for you; because I swear to God, hardship of the world will end, but hardship of the hereafter is eternal; just as peace of the world ends soon, and peace of the hereafter is eternal. Be aware! The eternal paradise is for those who have paid for it and how benefited are those who have traded mortality to immortality! Well done to them and good for them! May they enjoy God’s happiness and His rewards!”.

So when he stood up to leave, that young man came to him and said: “Master! Allow me to come with your students; because I have no interest in this world anymore”! His honor looked at him and said:

“Now that you abandoned the world, come with me so that I guide you to the hereafter; because I know the short ways and I know some good methods”.

So that young man accompanied his honor and joined his students to be taught to help Mahdi.

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