Wednesday Fabruary 26, 2020 AD Rajab 2, 1441 AH

Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani

* At the same time as Eid al-Adha English translation of the honorable book “Return to Islam” written by Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani is published. * Software version of the book “Return to Islam” written by allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him has been published.
Meaning of piety
Do not neglect death
Our purpose for this movement
Who gains wisdom
Necessity of recognizing truth from falsehood
Necessity of cognition standard and its perfection
Note of the day

An advice from his honor for his companions and supporters.

Saying of Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani

Translation of the saying:

One of our companions informed us and said: the night before my trip I went to his honor Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani to bid farewell to him and I said: “I may be your sacrifice, give me an advice; because I will be travelling and I will see a number of your companions and supporters.” So he kindly took my hand and said:

“I advise you and my companions and supporters to fear God in overt and in covert and I promote good and forbid evil among you and whoever join you in future. Perform mandatory commands of Almighty God, abandon forbidden deeds and keep the limits. Be kind to one another and avoid enmity. Set humbleness and politeness as your ornaments because children of Adam have not become more decorated by anything other than those two and absorb power and strength from patience and prayer because no servant of Almighty God has absorbed power and strength from anything more than those two. Make plans for the day of judgement -which will come sooner or later- and find a solution for the ignominy of that day. Remember death so often because death remembrance is like a deterrent shield and do not forget Almighty God because Almighty God remembrance is a healing remedy. Your youth should respect your elderlies and your elderlies should have mercy over your youth. Mingle and communicate with good people and stay away from bad people and escape from them. Inform those who do not know and teach the ignorant. Show the path to those who are lost and respond to those who ask. Be patient with stupidity of the fool and stay quiet; when they curse you to annoy you and when they slander you to bother you; Because they did so to messengers of God before you and they do so to us more than they do so to you. You, among them, are like a honey bee among the birds; there is no bird unless who deems bee as a small useless creature whereas if the birds knew what a bee carries with itself they would never deem it valueless and small. Earth is a dilapidated ruin and time has swelled like a lousy dead body, but we have not seen a night that has not been followed by the day. Therefore wait; because your remedy is close.”

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