Tuesday August 20, 2019 AD Dhul-Hijjah 18, 1440 AH

Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani

* At the same time as Eid al-Adha English translation of the honorable book “Return to Islam” written by Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani is published. * Software version of the book “Return to Islam” written by allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him has been published.
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Who gains wisdom
Necessity of recognizing truth from falsehood
Necessity of cognition standard and its perfection
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Who do not read the book Return to Islam or read it, but do not benefit from it?

Reza Ghafurian
Who do not read the book Return to Islam or read it, but do not benefit from it?

In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful

Whether we want it or not, today the book “Return to Islam”, written by Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, and the ideology of return to pure and complete Islam have become a scholarly and cultural reality in the world of Islam. The reality that although is only taken seriously and followed by some Muslims today, but soon it will become a great Islamic movement. The movement that will rise against centuries of ignorance and prejudice, and will destroy the impediments to God’s sovereignty on earth. This is the beginning days of the world revolution, because the great Mahdavi revolution will be formed in the end time based on knowledge and certainty and the elimination of conjectures, heresies and deviations. The very change that because of the extent of its novelty and freshness, is called a new religion! And of course, today is the beginning of that great change. God must be praised for these great days, and the awakening of all Muslims in the world and their return to pure and complete Islam is to be requested from Him.

In the meantime, the thing which needs further analysis and pathology is the silence of some sections of society, especially scholars, professors and enlightened people in confronting this important and history maker movement that should be viewed and analyzed from various perspectives. Perhaps one can find most of the people who either do not read the book or read it but do not benefit from it, in one of the following categories:

1 . A group of people are unaware of the publication of the honorable book “Return to Islam” and know nothing about it. This is a gap which must be filled with the endeavor of Muslims in order to better notify Muslims about this honorable book, to the extent that a day may come in which there remains no Muslim who is unaware of the book “Return to Islam” and has not read and not understood it.

2 . A group of people who have received and read the book, but their problem is that they have lack of complete and correct understanding from all or parts of it, therefore they disregard it. It is clear that such an issue has a simple solution. All Muslims who succeed in receiving this book from various ways, can refer to the informatory website of the center for preserving and publishing the works of Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani with the address www.alkhorasani.com and then refer to the section of “Explanations” or the section of “Questions and Answers (Q&A)”, additionally they can study the descriptions of this book prepared in four languages including Persian, Arabic, Tajik and English, and is also promotable in other languages with the support of other Muslim brothers and sisters from all parts of the world, also they can study the questions of Muslims about the book and the answers of the center to them, to resolve all of their ambiguities.

3 . A group of people are those who may have received the book in some way, but have not understood its prominence or have not found the opportunity to read the book or concentrate on it because of their daily routines,...

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