Saturday, January 29, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 26, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(46) The special helpers of Imam Mahdi peace be upon him are from the religion of Islam and the party of God and the group of Imam Mahdi peace be upon him and they are not affiliated with any other religion, party or group and they are chosen on the basis of their faith and righteous deeds and their specifications is stated in the Boom of God and the wisdom of His friends. (Section: Questions and answers)

Translation of the saying:

They report from top of the seventh heaven and under the fourth ground, but they do not have a correct understanding from Islamic beliefs and they do not know about its Halal and Haram appropriately and their full words are nonsense and meaningless just like crow’s croak! They neither have any root in the ground of knowledge nor any star in sky of piety! They misguide one by an unseen dream, and another one by an unheard call! They throw one into the well by a non-revealed verse, and another one by a non-arrived narration! They deceive one by a vain saying, and another one by a complex spell! Therefore they do not leave any open door towards Mahdi unless they close it and they do not leave any short path for his helpers unless they block it and they do not leave any intact and clean house for his fans unless they dirty it! Every day they change colors and make a new claim about themselves and achieve a new discovery; because there is no end to their ambitions and bombast. They mix the truth with the falsehood and pollute the fact by lie, until neither any respect remains for the truth nor any value for the fact! When the flag of truth rises who knows it and when the fact is spoken who accepts it?! The eyes have become blind and the ears have become deaf and the hands have become tired and there is not any mood for measurement and research; because claimants have sowed the seed of mistrust everywhere and have raised the dust of pessimism in the time and earth and have brought the life at the end of the rope and have made all to be at the end of the tether.

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