Tuesday, July 16, 2024 AD / Muharram 10, 1446 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
 New saying: A significantly important and enlightening saying from His Eminence about the condition for the Mahdi’s advent. Click here to read it. New question: What does it mean that the Quran is extremely eloquent and rhetorical? It has been said that the Quran contains true reports about the future and hidden sciences at the time of completion. Please provide some examples of these reports and sciences. Click here to read the answer. New critique: Please mention the name of the university or religious school from which His Excellency Khorasani has graduated; because no matter how much I searched, I did not find his name nor his fame as a famous writer, researcher, or religious man in Afghanistan. Click here to read the response. Visit home to read the most important contents of the website. New letter: An excerpt from His Honor’s letter to one of his companions, in which he advises him and frightens him from God. Click here to read it. New lesson: Lessons from His Honor about the fact that the earth is not empty of a man knowledgeable about the entire religion, whom God has appointed as a Caliph, Imam, and guide on it with His command; Authentic Hadiths from the Prophet that indicate it; Hadith No. 11. Click here to read it. New remark: The remark “Inverted era” by “Elias Hakimi” has been published. Click here to read it. New video: A new video with the subject “The Call of Return to God” has been published. Click here to watch it. Visit home to read the most important contents of the website.

Translation of the saying:

They inform about beyond the seventh heaven and beneath the fourth Earth, yet they lack true understanding of beliefs in Islam, nor do they have a grasp of its lawful and forbidden, and their best words are meaningless and incomprehensible, like the caws of crows! They have no roots in the soil of knowledge nor do they have a star in the firmament of piety! They mislead one with an unseen dream, and another with an unheard call! They cast one into the well with an unrevealed verse, and another with an untold narration! They deceive one with a futile saying, and another with an intricate spell! Thus, they leave no open door to the Mahdi unless they close it, nor do they leave any short path for his supporters unless they obstruct it, nor do they leave any untainted abode for his devotees unless they defile it! Every day, they change their colors, make new claims, and assert new discoveries about themselves; for their ambitions and exaggerations know no bounds. They blur the lines between truth and falsehood, and taint honesty with lies, until there remains no reverence for the truth and no value for honesty! When the banner of the truth is raised, who is he that recognizes it?! And when the honest word is spoken, who is he that accepts it?! The eyes have grown blind, the ears deaf, and the hands weary, and there is no longer patience for contemplation and examination; because the claimants have sown the seeds of ill suspicion far and wide, stirred up the clouds of pessimism across space and time, pushed life to the edge, and driven the blade to the bone.

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