Saturday, January 29, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 26, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(23) Believing in the advent of the Mahdi is not a suspicious or imaginary belief, but is one of the most original and certain common Islamic beliefs; as more than forty companions of the Prophet have told the news about him to dozens of their successors and through them, to hundreds of Muslims and many of the Ahl ah-Hadith have specified its accuracy and frequency and many of them have written independent books about it and its content is in accordance with God’s promise in the Quran. (Section: Questions and answers)

Translation of the saying:

One of our helpers informed us and said: we were beside our master Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, so he gave us a sermon and described pious people and said:

“Do you not see those who do not sleep at nights out of fear of death and cry out of fear of fire? They believe in the hereafter as if they see it. Their desire for paradise is like the desire of those who walk throughout its green fields and sit down beside its beautiful rivulets and rest under the shadow of its fruitful trees which are evergreen, while they know they will not die again after their first death and they will live beside God eternally. Every one of them has abandoned the slight world and has joined the eternal house. When they look at their front, they see houses which are heightened by the light of God and there are gardens around them which are as wide as eyes can see; paradises which their breadth is infinite and incredible like the vast sky. At this moment, they do not look behind which is the ugly world; because what they see in front of themselves has made them busy from their behinds. God whose glory is great, uncovers the veil from their eyes and shows them what He has provided for them; so they become fidgety out of eagerness and become restraint out of fear of not reaching to it. They will be neighbors of prophets and companions of the truthful and the martyrs and the righteous in paradise, so these will go visit those and those will come visit these and this is among the best blessings of paradise”.

Then he turned to me and said:

“Do you not like to be the neighbor of Mohammad peace be upon him and his progeny and company with his family?!”.

Then he resumed his speech and said:

“When they put a believer in the grave he fears; then God exposes him the smell of paradise so that he would become calm with it and if someone does not feel the smell of paradise, no goodness is wanted for him. Then nothing for a believer will be better than he finds the friends of God beside himself and becomes familiar with them. Then after a hesitation which there is no escape from it, a gate from paradise gates will open to him, so like a groom who enters the bridal chamber, he enters the paradise among God’s friends and his eyes will be brightened by its horizons. At this moment, some of those who are with him say: leave him alone so that he finds himself; because he is coming from the world. So he sits down under the shadow of a tree or beside a river or on a throne or inside some houses and they bring him something to eat and drink and his eyes remain brightened and his tiredness of death goes away. Then slowly his good friends and benefactor relatives whom have died before him come to him and greet him and they become glad to see each other. So he thinks he has returned from a trip or has woken up from a snooze. Then they give him the good news of visiting the Prophet of God peace be upon him and his family and because of that a happiness surrounds him that nothing like that has ever came to him. So he goes to visit his honor and his caliphs and he will be surrounded by their mercy. Then they make him reside in the paradise which merciful God has made especially for him and reward him of its endless blessings”.

I said: may I be your sacrifice, you enraptured our hearts by your saying! I wish you would describe its endless blessings more! He said:

“If you would see the endless blessings of paradise like what they really are and if you would know its mysterious beauties, nothing would be more worthless than world and its ornaments in your eyes. If you would see the green trees of paradise which its foliage shake by the breeze that blows from under the empyrean and its roots are penetrated in some hills made of musk and saffron and there are rosewater rivers flowing under it, indeed you would become reluctant to the worldly lusts and you would leave it for its lovers. Do you not know that there is amber hanging from the stalks of paradise trees and jasmine and lily bushes are wrapped around them and those trees have grown among some fields which are covered by a thousand color flowers and eye-caching greenswards? Do you not know that among those lush fields and around those fruitful trees, there are some rivers of pure water and some from fresh milk and some from tasty honey and some from clean wine flowing? And there is a river among them which is called Tasnim and another river which is called Salsabil and it tastes like ginger. Do you not know that there are diamond icicles hanging from the roof of paradise houses and cave walls and its pebbles are made of pearl and ruby and its shavings are made of agate and turquoise and its soil is made of musk and saffron? There are some houses which are built from golden bricks and decorated by silver leaves and there are green emerald gates and integrated bronze windows and transparent crystal glasses for those houses. There are thrones made of oak and walnut trees in their rooms and around the rivers and in the gardens and under the fruitful trees which beautiful pictures are engraved on them and there are carpets on those thrones which are made of pure silk and there are mattresses on those carpets which are made of green velvet, there are some backrests on those mattresses which are made of blue milkweed and there is a tablecloth on every throne which different four season fruits including apple and grape and banana and pear and fig and pomegranate and plum and orange and peach and some fruits which do not exist in the world, and colorful fragrant tasty foods and dishes made of crystal and bowls made of gold and spoons made of silver are on them and beside every tablecloth there is a beautiful lady who is eager for her husband, while she is wearing dresses made of blue chiffon and white silk and has adorned herself by jewels and fragrant by vapor. Their hair is as dark as night and their faces is as bright as sun and their body is as soft as spring blossoms and some of them have golden hair and some others have maroon hair, they have black, blue and green eyes and thin lips and long eyebrows which their beauty is beyond imagination and they hold silver cups of wine and honey juice which they offer to their husband, while they are overtaking each other to accompany him and compete to draw his attention”.

At this moment his honor went silent and then after a little while continued:

“One of the paradise blessings is that God has assigned an angel for the people of paradise to address them everyday and say: Oh you the people of paradise! You will be eternal! And another angle says: be aware that whatever you request is yours and even more! And another blessing is that God has removed heat and cold and darkness from paradise and pain and illness and senescence from its people and another blessing is that no day in paradise is similar to the previous day and another blessing is that people of paradise sometimes see the people of hell and talk to them while they are suffering and another blessing is that the angels talk to the people of paradise and the people of paradise talk to the angles and another blessing is that people of paradise do not see anything but beauty and do not hear anything but beauty and watching the people of hell is watching the justice and another blessing is that people of paradise can reside wherever of paradise they want and another blessing is that God has removed judging upon the people of paradise and they cannot commit sins in paradise and another blessing is that God upgrades the level of people of paradise and another blessing is that the people of paradise are kings of paradise and another one is that paradise is more than these”!

Then his honor turned to me and said: “is it not enough”? I said: may I be your sacrifice, half of what you said is enough for wise people. Then he turned to his helpers and said with a loud voice:

“Be aware! This paradise is for you and those who are in your path and there is nothing for others but fire”!

Explanation of the saying:

The purpose of “your path” in this honorable saying, is the collection of beliefs and good deeds that are explained in honorable book “Return to Islam” based on the Book of God and mutawatir sunnah of His Prophet and in the light of common sense and represents the pure and complete Islam and whoever accepts it is from people of paradise and whoever rejects it is from people of hell.

It is worth mentioning that many of Mansoor’s helpers carry this honorable saying and read it at the beginning of the day so that remembrance of paradise becomes strong in their minds and to keep themselves secure from having attachment to the world until the end of the day.

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