Saturday, October 16, 2021 AD / Rabi' al-awwal 9, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(48) Only those who provide the grounds for Mahdi’s advent can hope for that to happen; like a farmer who plows the ground for harvesting and sows seeds and waters and weeds them and then hopes for the harvest; because it is foolish to hope for harvesting without this preparation. (Criticism and Investigation 26)

Translation of the saying:

How will they see the day without sun light and how will they see the greenery without water?! Rather their night will last forever and their land will turn to salt marsh; because the Caliph of God is not governing over them and His law is not ruling over them. Let those who do not believe in existence of God or those who associate partners with Him, mock my words and follow their games and entertainments. Because they will regret like someone who has murdered himself and will vomit like someone who has eaten filth. Then they will look for me in the seas and they will pass through the valleys and on the defiles and search for me. Rather they will search for me in gaps of the rocks and will ask the shepherds in the plateaus to retell them the speech which is ignored now by them and to show them the path that they do not accept from me now!

Explanation of the saying:

The words that is not heard from him today is the necessity of “return to Islam” and the path that is not accepted from him now is the details of how to prepare the grounds for advent of Mahdi.

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