Thursday, May 23, 2024 AD / Dhul-Qa’dah 15, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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When His Honor, may God Almighty support him, saw the scholars in Iran hearing his invitation, but they belittled and denied it to extinguish its light and obey the tyrants, he addressed them in words and said:

“Behold! O hypocritical scholars, you who are drunk on the wine of power and in league with oppressors! You have turned your backs on me, meaning, ‘We do not hear,’ and remained silent about me, meaning, ‘We do not care!’ Soon you will turn your entire faces toward me while screaming, the screaming of pregnant women at the time of delivery! Do you not see people worshiping you instead of God and obeying you instead of His Caliph?! Yes, I swear to God, you see that, but you are pleased with that, as a prostitute is pleased to be touched by a fornicator, so she does not push his hand away, and from here it is known that she is a prostitute! Have you really thought that God has entrusted His guardianship to you, and it is not for people to ask you about what you do, so whoever asks you about it is misguided and causes fitnah?! Or have you thought that your ruling among them is like the ruling of God and His Prophet, so you do not need to bring evidence?! Or have you thought that the wealth of God and His Caliph on the earth has been entrusted to you, so you take possession of it as you wish, and no one has the right to supervise you?! Or have you thought that whoever is friends with you is friends with God, and whoever is hostile toward you is hostile toward God and there is no sanctity as to his wealth, life, and reputation?! Or have you thought that you are the friends of God to the exclusion of all other people, and He may single out none but you for His mercy, so you envy His servant?! Or have you thought that you have reached the top of knowledge, the peak of guidance, and the end of the truth, and there is nothing beyond what you have reached that others may reach?! Or have you thought that your interest precedes the ruling of God, and what is forbidden to others is lawful for you?! No, I swear to God, but rather you know very well that you have fabricated lies against God, joined together against Him, enslaved His servants, and drowned in the love of the world, to the point where there is no hope of saving you! So woe to you, for you have prevented the servants of God from His Kingdom and restricted them to your rule; because the fire of His wrath has been kindled on you, and there is no extinguisher for it! I am telling you the truth: His Kingdom has approached, as a storm approaches a land, and by God, you have no strength to bear it! It removes the mountains from before it, fills the valleys on its way, and if it passes by the seas, it turns them into dry lands! So take your skins and bones and run away, and do not stand against it or else you will disappear! Have you relied on your flatterers and been deceived by your mercenaries?! While they cannot help you at all against God when His Kingdom comes, but rather they will disown you and become your enemies! Are there not among you wise people who would listen to the exhorter’s exhortation, or are there not among you humble people who would accept the warner’s warning?! Indeed, the foolishness of the head is not concealed with a turban, the misguidance of the heart is not hidden behind a cloak, a donkey does not become a human being by carrying books, and a parrot is an animal, even if it speaks!”

Explanation of the saying:

This eloquent and influential sermon, although it has been stated about the scholars of Iran because of their silence about believing this righteous servant, their refusal to support him, and their cooperation with his enemies, includes all passive scholars who follow their example and do not rise to do what God has commanded them to do of believing what is right, supporting the truth, and cooperating in goodness and piety, for they fear that something bad will happen to them in the life of the world; so they shall fear God and correct their deeds before the kingdom of God comes to them or punishment comes to them before that or death comes to them, and «الملكوت»; “kingdom” is derived from «المُلك»; “dominion” in an emphatic form, and what is meant by it is “the global government” that none but God deserves it, and it has been realized in the heaven but not on the earth until His Caliph on it rules over it, and therefore, the intended meaning of Mansoor, may God Almighty protect him, by the kingdom of God in this sermon is the kingdom of God’s Caliph on the earth, which will come soon like a great storm, then it will destroy all the oppressive governments and punish their supporters and associates from the hypocritical and treacherous scholars who have concealed the truth, sold it for a small price, prevented from its way, and striven to defeat its purpose; ﴿أُولَئِكَ لَهُمُ اللَّعْنَةُ وَلَهُمْ سُوءُ الدَّارِ[1]; “for them is the curse, and for them is an evil abode.”

↑[1] . Ar-Ra‘d/ 25
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