Saturday September 18, 2021 AD Safar 11, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(23) Believing in the advent of the Mahdi is not a suspicious or imaginary belief, but is one of the most original and certain common Islamic beliefs; as more than forty companions of the Prophet have told the news about him to dozens of their successors and through them, to hundreds of Muslims and many of the Ahl ah-Hadith have specified its accuracy and frequency and many of them have written independent books about it and its content is in accordance with God’s promise in the Quran. (Section: Questions and answers)

Translation of the Saying:

A group of our helpers narrated that the righteous servant Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, delivered a sermon for a group of people three years prior to the sedition of Sham and Iraq and said:

“Behold! Be aware that the horizon of west is dark with black clouds. Soon a red storm will blow over you and will rage your land. It will neither leave a roof to take shelter under it nor a wall to hide behind it! At that time, the nation of Mohammad will wish to give half of its youth and find Mahdi in a valley from the valleys of the Hejaz!

Behold, O you the ignorant nation! What are you looking for?! and who are following?! Your leader is Mahdi. The calmness of your nights and the cheerfulness of your days is Mahdi. Your lasting happiness and the sweetness of your time is Mahdi. The fortune of your life and your salvation in the Hereafter is Mahdi. So what is preventing you from going to him?! Or who caused you to not need him?! …

Do you think you will see justice or gain integrity in his absence? Or do you think you will have safety or happiness in his absence? No, I swear to God, then no, I swear to God. You will take these wishes to your graves as your ancestors took them to their graves. Because God has not put any benefit in his agent’s absence and has not created any blessing in sovereign ruling of anyone other than him.

I am telling you the truth: In his absence, your bellies will stick to your backs and you will sleep on brushwood! You will be angry in the morning and at night and will wish death! Your homes will become vacant and your markets will be closed! Farms will grow thorns and fruit trees will dry! Livestock herds will be scattered and there will be no one to gather them. Your heads will have lice and your hands will be muddy! Your cities will be destroyed and your villages will be abandoned! No one will pass through your alleys and no one will knock your doors! Your qanats will not have water and snakes will nest in your wells! Wolves will revolve in your squares and owls will cry on your towers! Spiders will weave webs on your windows and toads will croak in your ponds! You will reside in dark valleys and will take shelter at the summit of mountains! You will hide in gap of cliffs and your companions will be desert lizards! Smoke will go up to the sky from your land and its fire will not put out! Your enemies will dominate over you and Satans of east and west will consume you! They will not hear the crying of your children and will not have mercy on your crippled elders! They will divide your belongings and will sell lottery tickets for your women! They will not bury your dead, rather will leave them for their dogs.

Behold, O people! Do not haste for what is contingent on moments! The world is getting near to its end, and the time of promises has come. Soon the time of the absence which you consider it calm, will go berserk like a spring drunk camel[1] and will plunge its sharp teeth into your eyes. I swear to God that my body and life is in His hand that what I am saying is not poem and is not considered an exaggeration in speech. Soon the pot of the world will boil and the river of time will rage and will turn the mill of sedition and will rotate the stone of chaos. Danger! Danger! Be aware that they will not have mercy on any of you! They will bring the most dissociable of you and will severely hurt you. While the scythe of sedition descends one who stands will be harvested and one who is sitting will be crushed. Danger! Danger! Today that you have an opportunity, take your religion and flee! If you find the truth with me, come to me, even if you have to crawl on the snow; Because I will guide you toward Mahdi and if you do not want me and do not like me, then go and get so far away as far as you can; even though you cannot go too far away; Since, I swear to God that if you hide behind the stars of the sky, they will find you and bring you and scandalize you; Since this work is not as easy as you have thought, rather it is a great plight and a huge disaster that will make the old impatient and the young sleepless”.

Explanation of the Saying:

These are the cries of a great and compassionate scholar who obviously invites toward Mahdi and informs about terrible consequences of continuity of his absence; The frightening consequences that we see their preludes in the west of Islam world these days, yet we do not waken from neglectful sleep and do not return toward our savior Mahdi! Good for those who recognize the word and know the difference between wisdom and foolishness and acknowledge its value!

↑[1] . A Rutt camel is a camel who did not have a cow (the adult female camel) during winter or have been kept in a place away from other camels by the cameleer so that it would make those cows pregnant in spring who did not get pregnant during winter for some reason. These camels are usually violent and dangerous and their teeth become sharp because they grind them due to being in rutt condition, and it is possible they attack humans and animals which can be fatal, this is why Bedouin Arabs used to seek refuge to God from their danger and were saying: “We seek refuge from the danger of two blinds and two deaf” and those two are flood and aggressive rutt camel and they were also warning about it and were saying: “Be afraid of the flood when it is flooding and from camel if it sniffed”.
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