Thursday November 26, 2020 AD Rabi' al-thani 10, 1442 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(55) Any sovereignty except the sovereignty of God’s Caliph on earth is considered Taughut, whether it is named the absolute jurisprudence or the Kingdom of Saudi; because we do not consider the earth to be empty of the Caliph of God, and we believe that his sovereignty is possible if the people prepare the grounds for it, and it is natural that when we considered his sovereignty to be possible, we cannot legitimize a sovereignty other than his; because the legitimacy of a sovereignty other than his is a result of the impossibility of his sovereignty, and while his sovereignty is possible, there will be no turn for other sovereignties, and other sovereignties will inevitably hinder and disturb it, knowingly or unknowingly. (Section: Articles and Remarks)

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