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Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(38) Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him considers the advent of Mahdi to be the responsibility of the people, not God, and he believes that it is not permissible for them to stop them until the advent of Mahdi, rather it would prevent his advent; because the absence of his Excellency is the natural result of his fear of suffering the fate of his fathers, who were killed and defeated in the absence of people support and therefore, as long as this fear remains, his absence will also continue and hence, the people are obliged to guarantee his safety through conventional means such as community, preparation and commitment in order to prepare the ground for his advent. (Section: Criticisms and investigations)
Question & Answer

Is his honor Mansoor Hashmei Khorasani a descendant of Imam Hassan Mujtaba peace be upon him? Is there somebody named Shu’aib among people around him?

Dear anonymous friend!

It is strange that your honor even deny from telling us your name, but you expect us to tell you the descent of his honor Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani and the names of his close helpers and near disciples! We suggest you to study the noble book “Return to Islam” written by this great scholar to get acquainted with his thoughts and teachings, and learn the practical path and considerations for advent of Mahdi peace be upon him and not just a lip-service claim; because they whose drums of claims has deafens the ears of the heavens, do not prepare the grounds for advent of his excellency in practice. They are only the superficial street showmen who just gather a group of illusionary and superstitious illiterate people that waste their life, wealth and honor for themselves for nothing; rather they have broken the back of Mahdi peace be upon him and transformed the day of Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani into a cold and dark night with their gigantic claims and strange titles and various miracles and colorful dreams and abundant narrations. Those who, according to his beautiful interpretation, “inform from above the seventh heavens and beneath the fourth earth, but do not have a correct understanding about true Islamic beliefs and do not know much about the Halal and Haram of Islam and their abbreviate words are meaningless and inaudible like the obnoxious caw of the crow! They have no roots in the land of knowledge nor have they any star in the sky of piety! They deviate one person with a never seen dream and another person with a never heard revelation! They throw one person to a well with a never revelated verse and throw another person with a complicated talisman! Therefore this is how they will not leave any gate toward Mahdi unless they close and they will not leave any short path for his companions unless they obstruct it and will not leave any clean virgin place for his lovers unless they make a mess in it! Every day they come out in a different color and make a new claim about themselves and make a new discovery; because their ambitions and nonsense are endless. They mix the uprightness with falsehood and pollute the truth with lie so much, to the extent that there remains no respect for the truth and no value for the uprightness! When the flag of truthfulness is raised, who will recognize it anymore and when the word of truth is narrated who will accept it anymore?! The eyes have become blind and the ears have become deaf and the hands have become exhausted and nobody is in mood to assess and research anymore; because the claimants have sowed the seeds of mistrust everywhere and have scattered the dust of pessimism in time and on land and have brought the life to the throat and the knife to the bone.”

Meanwhile, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani has dismissed all the claims and claimants and has taken his own path and is traveling through it and this way accomplishes his intellectual and religious responsibilities and prepares the grounds for advent of Mahdi peace be upon him by relying on the Book of God and the ultimate Mutawatir Sunnah of His Prophet and the clear requisites of the wisdom and he is doing this work in practice and without any claim; because in presence of his practical actions he does not need to make any claims and he leaves it for the claimants to make claims, even though he is hopeful to the grace of God upon himself and he is not hopeless that he may have been subject to His mercy. Because He has an enormous grace and He encompasses anyone from His servants that He wills with His mercy and no one except the deviated and ungrateful people are hopeless before Him and all affairs are returned to Him.

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