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Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Question & Answer

Do you think we can be hopeful about the advent of Imam Mahdi, whereas the people have been badly affected by misunderstanding on one hand and on the other hand, the scholars and leaders of the society who are the religious models of the people, are such that there is so much fear from them to even say this obvious fact that if Imam Mahdi is supported by the leaders of the Islamic society and the Muslim people, and if his life is protected and if he has armies and soldiers, he will definitely reappear, not just by praying for his advent!! Is it possible to be hopeful about Imam Mahdi’s advent in such circumstances? And what should be done?

Thank you so much for all the sufferings and efforts you go through in this loneliness and helplessness condition and you are innocently fighting against ignorance and unawareness. May you be under God’s protection and may you be successful.

With thanks to you believer and educated sister for your empathy, we remind you that although most of the people are affected by misunderstanding and they follow their corrupt scholars and misguided leaders, but there is a knowledgeable and free minority among them like you, who accept the invitation of Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani toward Mahdi and accompany him in order to prepare the grounds for his excellency’s advent, and this is what keeps the hope for his excellency’s advent alive; because his excellency’s advent does not depend on the community of all people of the world to support him, but depends on the community of a sufficient number of them to do this work, and a sufficient number of them to do this work can be provided gradually and with the acceptance and help of people like you Insha’Allah. With this description, only those who provide the grounds for Mahdi’s advent can hope for that to happen; like a farmer who plows the ground for harvesting and sows seeds and waters and weeds them and then hopes for the harvest; because it is foolish to hope for harvesting without this preparation. Therefore, those who hope for advent of Mahdi while they support other rulers and provide them with wealth and weapons and lives, are like a fool who sows seeds on the land of others and hopes for harvest in his own land! These people are those who are disappointed from the mercy of God, and they are indeed losers.

But your assumption that “there is so much fear from the scholars and leaders of the society to even say this obvious fact”, is not a correct assumption; since you see that his honor Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him has revealed this fact after it was covered for centuries by scholars and leaders of the society, and he has no fear of revealing it, and undoubtedly there is a good role model in him for any knowledgeable and free Muslim. There is no doubt that misguided scholars and tyrant leaders of the society, with the aim of preserving their evil sovereignty in the absence of Mahdi, are struggling to maintain his absence, and they are opposing the preparer of his advent, but those who have enough knowledge and freedom are rushing to help the preparer of his advent and they do not fear the traitor scholars and tyrant leaders of the society, and they are indeed the helpers of Mahdi and the final victory belongs to them; because God has intended so and He has promised to bestow upon them and make them the heirs of the earth, and He is undoubtedly capable of doing so. Regardless of the fact that the true victory is nothing but the satisfaction of God and His satisfaction will be achieved by obeying His command and therefore, the prepares of Mahdi’s advent are truly the winners, even if they get killed or die before his advent.

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