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Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(20) Without placing a caliph on earth who is knowledgeable about the whole of Islam and can teach it to Muslims, it is not possible for them to establish the whole of Islam and therefore, requiring them to do so is against justice. Hence, God has never obligated Muslims to establish the whole of Islam except after leaving someone among them with the knowledge of the whole for their education and guidance; as he has said as a rule: “And there is a guide for any nation”. (Section: Criticisms and investigations)
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If damning the murderers and enemies of Ahl al-Bayt peace be upon him causes incidence of disagreement with Sunni brothers, then what is the Islamic law in this regard? In Ziyara Ashura[1] some of them are explicitly named. Many of Sunnis respect Yazid[2] as a caliph! Some Sunni scholars like Imam Muhammad Ghazali even believe that damning Yazid and his army is wrong and believe that God might forgive them!!!

The Sunnis and the Jama’ah[3] do not approve damning any of the Companions[4], but they are not sensitive on damning others, especially if they are the murderers and enemies of Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet peace be upon him and his household, and their famous opinion is permission of damning Yazid. Therefore, it is not permissible to damn any of the Companions, but there is nothing wrong with damning others, whenever their enmity against Ahl al-Bayt is obvious like Yazid. However, it is better to damn by using general titles such as “oppressors” in order to include anyone who has been oppressor in the eyes of God, and avoid damning certain individuals, except those such as murderers of Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet peace be upon him and his household. Amir Ali Shirnavayai (died 906 AH), in response to Muhammad Ghazali, has said:

ای که گفتی بر یزید و آل او لعنت مکن/ زان که شاید حق تعالی کرده باشد رحمتش

آنچه با آل نبی کرد او اگر بخشد خدای/ هم ببخشاید مرا گر کرده باشم لعنتش

Meaning: Oh you who said do not damn Yazid and his progeny; because God might forgive him! If God forgave him for what he did to Prophet’s progeny, then He would also forgive me who damned him!

↑[1] . [Translator note: Ziyara Ashura is a salutatory prayer to Imam Hussain and the martyrs of the Battle of Karbala.]
↑[2] . [Translator note: The second caliph of the Umayyad caliphate who massacred Imam Hussain and his family with his army in Karbala.]
↑[3] . [Translator note: The people of the Sunnah and the community]
↑[4] . [Translator note: Sahabah or Companions of the Prophet who saw or met him during his lifetime and were physically in his presence]
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