Monday, May 20, 2024 AD / Dhul-Qa’dah 12, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Translation of the letter:

O rulers of the earth, you who brag about your authority, boast of your armies and weapons, and think that you will rule forever! Fear God for Whom the rule is befitting, Whose authority has established the world, and Whose armies and weapons have filled the heaven and the earth; because if He wills, He will have you vanish into the earth, in such a way that your fossils will emerge from it after a thousand thousand years, then they will not be known from the fossils of reptiles!

He has indeed buried numerous nations before you in the soil or submerged them under water, but rather He has exterminated civilizations and made continents disappear! Where is the Mesopotamian civilization, which is the origin of legends, and where are the glorious kingdoms of Iran and Rome?! Where are the builders of the pyramids of Egypt and those who placed huge stones on each other as if they were small bricks?! Where is Atlantis, the lost continent that they think once existed?! Where are lost people that none but He knows their fate?! Did He not destroy Nimrud, throw the house of Pharaoh into the sea, or remove Aad and Thamud from the earth and those that seven kings would prostrate to them and five hundred slaves would carry their thrones? While they had high necks and broad shoulders and would give away gold and jewels, prepare great armies, strut on the earth, and sing: “We are stronger and higher in rank, and who can overpower us?!” So He overpowered them and rubbed their noses in the dust, in such a way that beetles swarmed their flesh and dogs urinated on their bones!

So now what has encouraged you against Him to not submit to Him when I invite you toward Him to submit to His rule, then you do not pay attention to me when your mouths are laughing at me?! Are your planes but flies that fly, your missiles but mosquitoes that bite, and your armies but ants that move?! Your palaces will collapse by one earthquake, your cities will be flattened by one storm, and your traces will be wiped out by one flood! Which authority will save you, and which army and weapon will benefit you when fatal diseases spread among you, your water sinks into the ground, or your oil and gas wells dry up?! What will you drink if it does not rain any longer, and what will you eat if plants do not grow any longer?! Where will you go if plagues take over your houses, and how will you sleep if terror seizes you?! How will you calm your children, and how will you console your women?!

Do you think that no harm will come to you if you do not surrender to Him or no evil will befall you if you do not submit to His rule?! Death will surely overshadow you, but something that you will like death more than that! You will tear each other apart and make clothes from the skin of each other! Fathers will cut off sons’ heads, and sons will eat fathers’ flesh! There will not be a chaste woman nor a trustworthy man in all the city, for all will be adulteresses and thieves! You will crawl in filth like worms and wade through the mud like pigs! You will revile your fathers and mothers and spit in the faces of your brothers and sisters! You will disbelieve in God and mock the Day of Judgment! You will prostrate to Satan and sacrifice your lives for stomachs and private parts! Hatred will burn your bodies, and anger will diminish your souls! One of every two persons will be crazy, but it will not be known which one he is! Your soil will smell like feces, and your water will be the color of urine! The heaven will cry out, but none will listen to it, and the earth will vomit blood, but none will look at it! Until you drown in your filth and are transformed like corpses into salt! This is your best fate if you do not surrender to God, and this is your best end if you do not submit to His rule!

I warn you against this fate so that you will not suffer it, and I frighten you of this end so that you will be saved, but it appears that you are firm in ignorance and do not take my warning seriously; like a child playing with fire or a madman running toward a lion! You say to yourselves: “Who is he, what does he say, and what is the rule of God?!” Then you turn away while laughing! Soon you will know who I am, what I say, and what the rule of God is when the volcano of His wrath becomes active, the lava of His punishment erupts, and the smoke of His vengeance rises into the air, darkens your world, and turns your laughs into cries and your cries into wails! On that day, you will know me, remember my words, curse yourselves, and say: “How ignorant and heedless we were, and how much we lost and became miserable!”

Woe to those who have taken a caliph other than the Caliph of God and a guardian other than the guardian from God and obey one whom God has not commanded them to obey; because soon He will flay them alive, break their bones, and throw them into the fire while there is no rescuer for them! They will bray like donkeys and howl like wolves when the scythe of affliction reaps them and the mill of calamity crushes them!

O human! You have lived your life and been tested! You have tainted the earth with your filth and darkened the heaven with your smoke! The seas do not cleanse your impurity, nor do the mountains cover the greatness of your sin! Your hands are covered in blood, and fire blazes from your mouth! Your lust has drowned the cities, and your rage has burned the villages! You have committed felonies for power and turned to robbery for wealth! So tell me, how long will you be such a rebel, and how far will you fall like this?! Is it not time that you stopped?! Is it not time that you came back?!

Beware, O people! Know that the punishment of God has approached you; I hear its voice, smell its scent, and see its shadow, but most of you are heedless! If you desire to be saved, I have advice for you: Ask forgiveness from God, then turn to Him in repentance and obey one whom He has purified and guided, the one whose description you find in the Scriptures of the Prophets and whose name you read in the books of the past, not one who has little intellect and many claims, follows passions, and is very tyrannical and aggressive. Then you will see that the earth will be filled with justice as it has been filled with oppression, and justice is sweeter than honey, softer than butter, and purer than snow. But if you refuse, then know that your rule will not save you from God, nor will your armies and weapons protect you from Him, just as the rule of the past people did not save them from Him, nor did their armies and weapons protect them from Him when His wrath flared up against them and His punishment befell them!

Now, O rebels! Wait for destruction; because I said to you, “God is coming, so move out of His way,” but you did not do so and said, “The way is wide,” so He will inevitably step and trample over you, then you will not be found except under the soil and among stones and roots!

Explanation of the letter:

His Honor’s intended meaning by the rule of God in this honorable letter is the government of God on the earth, and it will be realized if the government of His Caliph is realized on it, and his intended meaning by one whom God has purified and guided is Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him, whose description has been stated in the Scriptures of the Prophets and whose name has been stated in the reports of narrators from all Islamic sects since the first century, and it is obligatory for Muslims to prepare the ground for his government instead of the government of others, in a way that this truthful scholar has explained in his great book Return to Islam and his short book Geometry of Justice, and their refusal to do so leads to terrible consequences that His Honor has described with wonderful eloquence, as it has already led to some of them, such as a fatal disease called “Corona” that has recently spread among people of the world, killing many of them even in the developed countries that have great authority, armies, and weapons; so it is the interpretation of the words of this righteous servant that has said: “Which authority will save you, and which army and weapon will benefit you when fatal diseases spread among you?!” And he has said that before the emergence of this fatal disease, so God has confirmed his words to be a sign for all those who have heard it so that they may beware before the interpretation of the rest of his words come to them.

To know what has been stated in the Scriptures of the Prophets about the description of Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him, refer to Q&A 419, to know what has been stated about him in the reports of narrators, refer to page 280 of the book Return to Islam, and to know how to prepare the ground for his government, refer to page 66 of the book Geometry of Justice.

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