Wednesday, January 26, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 23, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(5) Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him does not belong to any of the Islamic sects; because he does not consider any of them -whether from the Sunni sects or from the Shiite sects- to be complete and flawless, and he believes that all of them -more or less- are infected with some heresies and belief and jurisprudential deviations. (About Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani)

Translation of the letter:

In the name of Allah the beneficent the most merciful

Oh my God and God of my fathers those who passed! And God of skies raised by pillars which cannot be seen! And God of ablaze sun and shining moon and abundant stars! And God of extended lands which some are on the top of some others and are attached together by some nails! And God of deep and widespread oceans and whatever is floating on and in them! And God of great seas with raging waves and beautiful islands and sandy beaches and rivers which pour at them! And God of high mountains with snowy peaks and steep slopes and dark valleys and dangerous headlands and big rocks which are put next to them! And God of lush forests with dense trees and dark deeps and every creature which is moving in them! And God of vast deserts with waterless area and eroded soil and sifted shrubs[1] and sand storms which are blowing on them! And God of rain clouds and non-rain clouds which come from far horizons and shade on land! And God of spring which is birth of nature and summer which is maturity of nature and autumn which is senescence of nature and winter which is death of nature! And God of what was and what is and what will be!

I adore You, adoring of prophets and I glorify You, glorifying of angels. I praise You and call You great and thank You to the number of stars; and who knows the number of stars but You?! And to the number of leaves of trees, and who knows the number of leaves of trees but You?! And to the number of desert gravels; and who knows the number of desert gravels but You?! And to the number of rain drops; and who knows the number of rain drops but You?! And to the number of rays of bright sun; and who knows the number of rays of bright sun but You?! And to the number of breaths of fauna; and who knows the number of breathes of fauna but You?! And to the number of blinks of people; and who knows the number of blinks of people but You?! But there are numerals for all of them. But I glorify You and call You great and thank You countless and endless, like Your blessings, as is worthy for Your beauty and glory! And I identify You to be unique and I do not know any partners for You and I testify that Muhammad –peace be upon him and his family- is Your servant and Your last Messenger whom You sent with guidance and right religion to make it win over all other religions even though polytheists do not like it. Then twelve from his family, are Your caliphs and caliphs of Your Prophet made them superior over people and set them up as leaders so that they know You and worship You and my return is to You.

Guide me to what You like and prevent from what You do not like and do not leave me alone such that I turn back from what You like and turn to what You do not like, so I will be from the losers. Oh God! Judge between me and those who do not know You and are seeking superiority on earth and spread corruption and help me against them; because You are the best judge and best helper. I turned to You and trusted in You and adored You by a pure religion and I avoided worshiping Taqut and I stepped away from those who are enemy of You and Your friends so that You purify me and get me close to Yourself and bless me and forgive my sin which my hands have presented or has taken back and at a day which hearts and eyes turn down You save me from fire and bring me to heaven; Indeed You save whoever You want and burn whoever You want and You are very generous and merciful.

And so next …

Oh Muslim brothers and sisters! Be aware that world is close to its end and endtime has arrived and dawn of promises has risen. Now you and I are living in a time which seduction and anarchy has taken over everywhere and oppression and corruption has extended and doubt has increased. And doubt is called “Shubha”[2] because it misleads human and makes truth and falsehood alike. Certainly if truth was obvious, it would not be hidden for anyone and if falsehood was without veil, it would be infamous before everyone, but the fact is that right sinks behind of falsehood clouds and falsehood put the mask of right and here is where recognizing them becomes difficult.

Satan knows that if he obviously calls you toward falsehood and command you to misguidance, you will not accept his invention and will disobey him; therefore, he calls you to truth and commands you to guidance on one hand and makes falsehood look like truth in your eyes and shows astray as guidance to you on the other hand! Here is where you accept his invitation and obey his order and get caught with the wrong in seeking the truth and become misguided under the name of guidance! And our time is full of these doubts; doubts which have deceived your youth and has wandered your old; doubts which have made life difficult for you and have taken blessings away from your table linens; doubts which have made your mind deuced and your heart stone; doubts which have covered your eyes till you do not see and has blocked your ears till you do not hear and has closed your mouths till you do not say anything!

How many falsehoods which have been considered as right at our time and how many rights which have been considered as falsehood at our time! How many astray which has been considered as guidance at our time and how many guidance as astray our time! How many lies which have been considered as truth at our time and how many truth as lie at our time! How many false which have been considered as true at our time and how many true as false at our time! How many badness which have been showed as goodness at our time and how many goodness as badness at our time! While not recognizing right from falsehood and not knowing guidance from astray and not understanding right from lie and not realizing true from false and do not identifying goodness from badness, is not a non-important and simple matter, but has hard fines and severe results and it can lead to disaster and an endless adversity.

Think what will happen to you, if you do not recognize enemy from friend?! Or what will happen to you, if you do not identify wolf from sheep?! Or what will happen to you, if you do not recognize thorn from cotton?! Or what disaster will be, if you do not distinguish between drug and poison?! Right and falsehood for you is like friend and enemy, and guidance and astray for you is like sheep and wolf, and truth and lie for you is like sword and cotton, and true and false for you is like drug and poison which if you do not recognize one from the other, you will be perish! Here is where “ignorance” of man becomes his greatest enemy and his “unawareness” becomes trouble of his life! No one has any enemy greater than their ignorance and nothing is more dangerous than unawareness! Therefore, be avoid from your ignorance more than your enemy and fear from your unawareness more than wolf and be careful from your unawareness more than thorn and fear from your unfamiliarity more than poison! Because the enemy and wolf and thorn and poison, will damage your body, while ignorance, unawareness, unawareness and unfamiliarity, will destroy your spirit!

So oh people! Those who are routine in your life and are accustomed to your routine and are sinking in your habits and are firm in your sinking and you do not know which is from which! Oh my asleep brothers and sisters! Reawake and wake up and rise! I swear to God, you cannot run from “knowing” and your problem will not be solved but with “learning”. Now, “knowing” calls you like an angel and “learning” calls you like a prophet. It shouts in your alleys and acclaims on your roof tops and says “Oh you unaware people! The night of ignorance has gone and morning of knowledge has risen. Now wake up and come to me and do not let anything keeps you away from me! Because I am more necessary than food for you and more beneficent than business and family. I am the only one who will remain with you and will not separate from you in the world and hereafter. Your wealth will destroy, your spouse will die and your children will separate, but I will not be destroyed and will not die and will not separate from you ever. But I will protect you as me and will bring you to immorality with myself. If I be with you, nothing will damage you and if I am not with you, nothing will benefit you. So what inhibitor inhibits you from me and what makes you needless to me?!” this kind of “knowing” calls you to itself and this kind of “learning” invites you to itself. So hear its call and accept its invitation! Rise for recognizing truth from falsehood and try to know true from false! And why not to do this?! While knowing truth from falsehood, is consolidation of your humanity and recognizing true from false is base of your personality. How someone calls himself human while hates “knowledge”?! And why do not call himself a horse who is unfamiliar with “knowledge”?! Knowledge of human, is base of his gentility and his awareness, is the essence of his dignity. My meaning from awareness, is not mathematic and geometry and such as it and my meaning from knowledge, is not jurisprudence and logic and philosophy! These are all eruditions which switched to seductions today and consolidation of your humanity is not by these! My meaning from knowledge, is recognizing truth from false and my meaning from awareness, is identifying guidance from astray. How many jurisconsult and philosopher who has gone to the hell and how many doctor and engineer who has not found salvation; because he did not know truth from false and did not recognize guidance from astray!

Behold, oh students and imitators! I see you have sank into your ijtihad and imitation and you do not which one is right and which is false! Today these ijtihad and imitation is seduction for you!

Behold, oh preachers and speakers! I see you have sank into your preach and speaking and you do not know which one are right and which false! Today this preach and speaking is seduction for you!

Behold, oh people of Mosque and monastery! I see you have sank into your mosque and monastery and you do not know which one are right and which false! Today these mosque and monastery is seduction for you!

Behold, oh staff and tradespeople! I see you have sank into your work and business and you do not know which one are right and which false. Today this marketing is seduction for you!

Behold, oh people! I look to every corner and see you have sank into your life and have hidden in your homes! You are busy with yourself and each other and you do not know which one is right and which false! You are addicted to your routine and are trapped in swamp of favorites! You no longer think about right and false and do not learn incorrect and correct! Right is same as false for you and incorrect and correct have no difference for you! You have released yourself from these matters and your mind is busy with other matters! Out work, prevented you from inside work and seeking money and education degree, made you busy from seeking wisdom and knowledge. You say: the life problems prohibited us from knowledge and world involvements prevented us from learning! While your problems are because of not knowing right and false! And your involvements, are due to not recognizing true and false! There is not a problem unless is because of your ignorance and there is not any involvement unless your unawareness generated!

“Knowledge” will help his owner and “awareness” will survive his friend. These two for you are like water for thirsty and food for hungry and guidance for lost and companion for lonely. These two are your supporter and your hand cane. These two are treatments of your pains and healing your wounds. These two are keys of your closed doors and gates of your happiness. These two are your wealth for poor day and your helper at insolvency day. These two are leaders for you who do not mislead and governors who do not oppress. These two are homes which will not destroy and lands which are always green. These two are wealth which will not get stolen and labors who will not become lazy. These two are spouses who will not separate and children who will not persecute. These two are friends who will not become enemy and are companions who will not abandon. So turn your face to them and nothing prevent you from them! Know right from lie and recognize true from false! Unknowing is thief of your religion and world and not recognizing, is cause of your regret.

I tell right to you: not knowing, is an unforgivable sin and a major fault at this time. At this time if you do not know right, you will get deceived and if you do not recognize guidance, you will get cheated! Jinn devils show you false as right and human devils give you mislead as lead! There are always opportunists who abuse from your ignorance and profit by your unawareness, until they achieve power and wealth by you and eat your wealth and belonging! While if you were aware, they would not get dominance on you and if you were wise, they would not overcome you! Will not thief come to the house in darkness and will not fish trap in muddy water?! Be aware and do not remain in ignorance and unawareness more than this! Rise as soon as possible – before it becomes too late- for recognizing right from false and try for identifying guidance from astray. Although I fear that it is late…

Is not there any wise man among you who get my wisdom and is not there any wise woman among you who accept my advice?! Where is your clever who understand my words and where is your alert who answer to my invitation?! Good for those who learn knowledge; because they will get salvation and woe on those who remain in ignorance; because they will become miserable…

↑[1] . The purpose is the dried shrubs that are shaken by the wind like in a sieve and wind separates their leaves from the stem or like the unrooted and bewildering shrubs that spiral around in wind and throw them up and down, as if wind is sieving them.
↑[2] . Which in Arabic means similar and alike
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