Thursday, May 30, 2024 AD / Dhul-Qa’dah 22, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Translation of the letter:

Look at these people that how they fight and step on each other to achieve superiority; with lies and tricks, with backbiting and false accusation, with swear words and disdain, with flattery and hypocrisy, with jealousy and betrayal, with selfishness and narrow-mindedness, with fault-finding and stubbornness, with malicious gossip and immoral disclosure, with bearing grudges and cutting ties; like flies fighting each other to sit on feces! Do they think they have the time to achieve everything they want?! They say, ‘We will do such-and-such this year and such-and-such next year,’ while they do not know whether tomorrow they will be alive or dead, healthy or sick, rich or poor, free or captive, and safe or fearful! It is not so, but rather their lives are shorter than their dreams, and their death are closer than what they seek; when an incident takes them by surprise and takes life out of their bodies, as a skewer is taken out of a kebab; then they are carried by hands, laid in graves, and left alone in the dark, narrow while they see the closing of holes, hear the falling of pebbles, and feel the moving of ants and do not know whether to be sad about what they have left behind, from helpless women, young children, impatient creditors, scattered possessions, unorganized properties, and unfinished works, or to worry about what lies ahead, from the unknown world, unfamiliar creatures, afflictive rights, unfulfilled duties, hard reckoning, painful punishment, and the terror of the Day when the heaven will shake on it, the earth will turn upside down on it, the sun will be dark on it, the stars will fall on it, mountains will collapse on it, the seas will boil on it, possessions will be left on it, the dead will rise on it, the living will run away on it, and the hearts will reach the throats on it, neither will they come out to finish it nor return to their places to bring comfort; the Day the like of which the world has not seen after its creation; the Day like the day of creation, but rather more frightening!

Know that the Hour of Resurrection has approached and its siren has sounded! Soon you will look up and not see the heaven and look down and not know the earth; when you will go up and down, like a board on the waves, and go left and right, like a feather in the wind, and you will not know whether it is night or day and whether you are asleep or awake, dead or alive; when pregnant women will miscarry what they bear, nursing mothers will abandon their infants, young children will grow white hair, the hearts of the brave will be filled with fear, everything will return to its origin, and everyone will care about nothing but themselves; then you will be informed about what you have done and fully recompensed for it; if you have believed in the one appointed by God and helped him with your hands and tongues, you will be safe; because you have done the best, and if you have believed in the one appointed by others and helped him with your hands and tongues, woe will betide you; because you have done the worst; so that those of you who support oppressors know that they will have a hard day and will be cast into a valley full of smoke and fire; the valley whose depth is from the heaven to the earth and in which there are boiling water and molten stones.

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