Thursday, January 27, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 24, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(38) Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him considers the advent of Mahdi to be the responsibility of the people, not God, and he believes that it is not permissible for them to stop them until the advent of Mahdi, rather it would prevent his advent; because the absence of his Excellency is the natural result of his fear of suffering the fate of his fathers, who were killed and defeated in the absence of people support and therefore, as long as this fear remains, his absence will also continue and hence, the people are obliged to guarantee his safety through conventional means such as community, preparation and commitment in order to prepare the ground for his advent. (Section: Criticisms and investigations)

Translation of the letter:

“In the name of Allah the beneficent the most merciful

From the servant of God, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani to the group who are helping him; and so, what comes next …

Oh, you my fellow companions! I remind you about God; He who guided you at the peak of deviation and lead you in the peak of bewilderment and dignified you amid the peak of ignominy and granted you knowledge while you were surrounded with ignorance and put you on a way in which its truth has no deformation and its smoothness will not become rough, while people around you are catching fire and are sinking in darkness, one group after another. So, remember the blessings of God and be grateful with your hands and heart and tongue, may He make you some righteous people and select some martyrs from among you.

Oh, you my fellow companions! Behold, look at the fate of the predecessors and take lesson from their destiny; those who forgot the days of God and were ungrateful to His blessings, then the sword of misery came down on their necks and the spear of corruption landed on their breastbone, so they were destroyed as if they never existed in the world! Now you have settled in their lands and built over their ruins, so do not go to the same path as them and do not follow the same tradition as them, because what came to them will also come to you, so that you will be a lesson for the posterity, as they became a lesson for you.

Do those of you who received our call of invitation and claimed to accept it, thought that they will be left merely because of their claim and that they will never be under trial? This is not the case, but they will take them under trial so that they distinguish between the liar and the truthful, because there have been too many who boasted and too little of action has been taken; behold, nobody may think that one can trick God, because He has tricked and mocked the greatest of deceivers, when they thought He is unaware of their intentions and disinformed of their goals.

Oh, you my fellow companions! Behold, do not tease God because of your support for Him, because He does not need your help, but it is you who need His help. Do you not know that if He wills, He will create helpers for Himself from the pebbles and stones? So, tell Him the truth and be honest with Him, for, those who are in heaven are afraid of his glory!

Oh, you my fellow companions! Inform me about the flowers of the earth, do they grow when there are weeds and thistle bushes among them? You as well cannot grow so long as you have desires and belongings; because they will take your strength and waste your time.

Oh, you my fellow companions! As they do not pour the milk in the contaminated containers, they do not put knowledge in the infected hearts and like one does not throw a gem in the trash, they do not put wisdom in the unclean chests, so that those who have removed evil thoughts from their hearts will access knowledge, and those who have driven doubt out from their chests, will gain wisdom, and those who are skeptical and ignorant will stay in ignorance and isolation.

Oh, you my fellow companions! Listen to my word so that you gain knowledge and think about it, so that you collect wisdom, because I cultivate you with it as the gardener does to a fruit tree; so that I will make you a sufficient group for the Caliph of God and to suffice him on the earth. Indeed, you are created for the hereafter and not for the world; Therefore, work for the hereafter and do not make yourself addicted and attached to the world. Your similitude is the sailor on the sea whose ship was drowned in the storm and he then hung on a rock bed and fell on an unknown island. So, when he got his consciousness back and voyaged in it, found that it is an uninhabitable island in which animals are predators and in which little water and food is found. Tell me about him, does he get attached to this island and starts to build mansions - as if he will live there forever - or does he suffice to find a refuge only and start to build a ship and collects a provision to save himself?!

Oh, you my fellow companions! We live in a time when the ornaments of the world have increased, and turmoil and turbulence have become widespread. People have forgotten the God, and He has also forgotten them. In such a disastrous era, only those can transform the world whom world has not transformed them.

Oh, you my fellow companions! When people are busy with the world, you get busy with the hereafter so that you surpass them. Do not grieve over this world, because the world does not grieve over you. Leave it out so that it becomes the pasture for those who do not believe in the God’s signs and do not differentiate between humanity and bestiality. They are for it and it is for them. Their similitude is a child who plays on the beach and builds himself structures from sand and he thinks that they will last, but suddenly a wave comes and ruins all of them; so, the child falls in sorrow and he looks at the sands with regret and thinks to what extent he suffered in vain!

Oh, you my fellow companions! Do you not become surprised at those who have taken the devil as their friend and are attached to him and cannot stand his separation?! Be aware that anything other than God that engages you is Satan. I bring you examples like this so that you will learn knowledge and practice it, not to enjoy it or to seek superiority over people with it, such as those who mastered knowledge for this world and to dominate over the ignorant people and eat their wealth and assets in falsehood; rather learn knowledge for action and educate the ignorance without any expectation for compensation so that you become a source of goodness and blessing, and not to become like a salt marsh in which there is no hope for fertility.

Oh, you my fellow companions! Have you sufficed to call yourselves my companions and yet do not follow me in practice? How can I rise with you while you are so slippery to such an extent?! Where are my true helpers? Where are those like Christ who have left the world behind and liberated themselves from any kind of attachment to it? Where are like of those who were companions of death and saw God before them? They cried in the fear of fire to such an extent that you would think they are mothers who have lost a child! They looked around in the sky and you would think as if they were looking at the angels all over it! They worshiped God and abstained from worshiping Taughut. They followed the commands of their leader and were competing each other in helping him. You would think they were boards of steel or mountain peaks who were as high as the sky! When they rushed toward the enemy in their warrior lines, they seemed like a whirlwind and they created a sand storm. They monitored their behavior and knew the proper time for every word. They were adorned with moral ethics and were pure from immoralities. They were unknown and anonymous on earth but were well known and prominent in the heavens. The dust was sitting on them and their face were pale in color. During the nights they were in a such an state as if they were honey beehives! They turned their night to morning with prayer and ask for forgiveness and recitation of the Qur’an and turned their days into night by gaining knowledge and Jihad and serving people. Neither they got tired nor became doubtful. May God bless them, they spent their days and left; Now you have remained for us, so try to be good successors for them, and follow their steps and know that you will not see the Faraj[1] unless you are so, as to them.”

Explanation of the letter:

If this letter is read to a dead, it is not unlikely that he may be revived; but the word of his honor where he said: “People have forgotten the God, and He has also forgotten them.” is the word of the Almighty and glorified God who says: ﴿نَسُوا اللَّهَ فَنَسِيَهُمْ[2]; “They forgot God, therefore He also forgot them as well” and it is understood that they forgot God, therefore God left them alone to themselves as if it seems He has forgotten them, but not in the sense that He has truly lost them from His memory, because God is not forgetful, as He said: ﴿وَمَا كَانَ رَبُّكَ نَسِيًّا[3]; “and your Lord is not forgetful”. Therefore, it is hereby understood that the words of his honor, even though seems to be weird in some sense, but, conforms to the word of God and does not deviate from it and this is a sign for meticulous people.

↑[1] . The liberation from the hardship of the end of times and emergence of justice and prosperity after injustice and corruption.
↑[2] . At-Tawbah/ 67
↑[3] . Maryam/ 64
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