Thursday, May 23, 2024 AD / Dhul-Qa’dah 15, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Translation of the letter:

In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

From the servant of God, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, to the group who help him; and thereafter..

O you my helpers! I remind you of God who guided you at the peak of deviation, led you in the depth of bewilderment, gave you respect amid ignominy, granted you knowledge while you were surrounded by ignorance, and brought you to a path that neither its straightness will become crooked nor its smoothness rugged, while people burn around you and enter the darkness in droves. So remember the blessings of God and thank Him with your hands, hearts, and tongues, may He make you righteous and choose martyrs from among you.

O you my helpers! Look at the fate of past people and learn a lesson from their end; those who forgot the days of God and denied His blessings, so the sword of misery fell on their necks, and the arrow of destruction landed on their chests, then they perished as if they had never been in the world! Now you have dwelt in their lands and built houses over their ruins, so do not take their paths, nor follow their traditions, otherwise what befell them will befall you, then you will become a lesson to those who will come after you, as they have become a lesson to you.

Do those of you who heard our call and claimed to respond to it think that they will be left just because of their claim and not be tested? It is not so, but rather they will be tested so that the truthful of them will be known and liars will be known; because there is much talk and little action. So no thinker shall think that he can deceive God; because God has deceived and mocked the greatest of deceivers when they assumed that He was oblivious to their intentions and unaware of their purposes!

O you my helpers! Beware, do not consider helping God as a favor upon Him, for He does not need your help, but you need His help. Do you not know that He can create helpers for Himself from pebbles and gravel if He wills? So be honest with Him and act sincerely for Him; because those who are in the heaven are afraid of His grandeur!

O you my helpers! Inform me of flowers of the earth, can they grow when there are weeds and thorn bushes among them?! In the same way, you cannot grow as long as you are afflicted with passions and attachments; because they will weaken your strength and waste your time.

O you my helpers! As milk is not poured into dirty containers, knowledge is not put in corrupt hearts, and as gems are not thrown in the trash can, wisdom is not put in impure chests; so that those who have removed evil thoughts from their hearts gain knowledge, those who have driven doubts out of their chests gain wisdom, and those who have evil thoughts and doubts remain in ignorance and neglect.

O you my helpers! Listen to my word to acquire knowledge and ponder on it to gain wisdom; because I train you with it, as a gardener grows fruit trees, in order to make you a sufficient group for God’s Caliph on the earth. Indeed, you were created for the Hereafter and not for the world; so work for the Hereafter and do not get attached to the world. Your example is that of a sailor on the sea whose ship was wrecked in a storm; he then grasped a board and landed on an unknown island. When he regained consciousness and walked across it, he realized that the island is uninhabited and there are wild animals and little water and food on it. Tell me about him, will he get attached to this island and start building mansions as if he will stay there forever, or will he be content with finding a shelter and start building a ship and collecting provisions to save himself?!

O you my helpers! We live in a time when the ornaments of the world have increased, and fitnah and chaos have spread. People have forgotten God, and He has forgotten them as well. In such a disastrous time, only those whom the world has not changed can change the world.

O you my helpers! When people are busy with the world, you get busy with the Hereafter to surpass them. Do not grieve over the world; because the world does not grieve over you. Let it be a pasture for those who do not believe in the signs of God or know any difference between humanity and animality. They are for it and it is for them. Their example is that of a child who plays on the beach and builds himself structures from sand and thinks that they will last, then a wave suddenly comes and destroys them all, so the child falls into sorrow and looks at the sand with regret, how much he has suffered in vain!

O you my helpers! Are you not surprised by those who have taken Satan as their friend, got attached to him, and cannot endure being apart from him?! Know that anything other than God that occupies you is Satan. This is how I give you examples so that you may acquire knowledge and put it into action, not enjoy it or seek superiority over people with it, like those who acquired knowledge for the world to dominate the ignorant and devour their belongings falsely with it; but you shall acquire knowledge to put it into action and teach it to the ignorant without any expectation so that you may become a source of goodness and blessing, not like a salt flat in which there is no hope for fertility!

O you my helpers! Do you suffice with calling yourselves my helpers while you do not follow me in action? How can I rise with you while you are so slippery?! Where are my true helpers? Where are those who, like Christ, left the world behind and were freed of every attachment to it? Where are those who were companions of death and saw God present before them? They wept out of fear of the fire as if they were bereaved parents! They looked around the heaven as if they saw the Angels throughout it! They worshiped God and avoided worshiping taghut. They obeyed their Imam and competed with each other to help him. If you saw them, you would think that they were steel boards or soaring mountains! When they attacked the enemy in their ranks, you would think they launched tornadoes and sandstorms. They watched their behavior and knew the proper time for any word. They were adorned with moral virtues and pure from great vices. They were unknown on the earth and well-known in the heaven. Dust was sitting on them, and their faces were pale. They were like honey beehives during the night! They spent nights performing prayer, asking for forgiveness, and reciting the Quran and spent days acquiring knowledge, performing jihad, and serving people. They neither got tired nor hesitated. May God have mercy on them. They fulfilled their vows and left, and now you are left for us. So strive to be righteous successors to them, follow their footsteps, and know that you will not see the Faraj[1] unless you are like this.

↑[1] . [Liberation from the hardships of the end time and the emergence of justice and happiness after oppression and misery.]
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