Thursday, May 30, 2024 AD / Dhul-Qa’dah 22, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Translation of the letter:

The righteous servant of God, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, at the beginning of his letter to Muslims, wrote after praising God and sending peace to His Prophet:

“And thereafter... O wise people! O Muslim brothers and sisters! I have a word with you about you. Will you listen to it and set your hearts on it? Or will you close your ears and follow your paths? I swear to God, if one’s enemy writes him a letter, one will read it carefully to know what the enemy has written him, while I am your compassionate friend and well-wishing brother, and I am more deserving that you know what I have written you. If you do not know me, I do know you, and if you do not like me, I do like you. Listen to what I say and do not ask who I am; for a person is known by his words, and the wise look at what is said, not at who says it!

How many true words a child says, and how many false words elders say! A true word is true, even if a child says it, and a false word is false, even if elders say it! So if you know a word, it does not harm you if you do not know the one who said it; as if you do not know a word, it does not benefit you if you know the one who said it! So listen to what I say to know me; because the human being is hidden under his tongue, and he will not be known until he speaks his mind.

You have not been given ears unless to listen, and you have not been given eyes unless to see, and you have not been given intellects unless to distinguish between what you hear and see to know what is right and what is wrong. So listen to what I say with your ears and examine it with your intellects to accept it if it is right and deny it if it is wrong. May God grant you success; because Satan wants you to not listen so that you will not know, and to not know so that you will be in misery, and is misery the result of anything but ignorance?!

I know those who were before me spoke a lot and irritated you; because many of their words were lies, and they said things about which they had no knowledge, and a group of them want you just for themselves and do not speak unless for deception. They call you to a truth which they themselves have no relation to, and want for you a good which they themselves do not benefit from! These people have made religion a support for gaining power and the Hereafter a pretext for this world; otherwise they do not know religion as they must, nor do they want the Hereafter as it deserves.

Now I speak to you while I have neither hope for power nor greed for this world. I am a man from among you who is considered weak on the earth like you, and I do not seek to be superior to you or to cause corruption on the earth. I do not want anything but to enjoin right and forbid wrong so that God makes whomever He wills listen and whomever He wills deaf, and what do you know?! Perhaps He changes some things and reveals some things; because He has power over all things and full knowledge of everything.”

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