Sunday April 18, 2021 AD Ramadan 5, 1442 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(80) Those who wholeheartedly believe in this Islamic movement and have found the thoughts and ideals of Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani in accordance with the pure Islam of Mohammad, should consider themselves to be rationally and religiously obliged to agree and cooperate with him in practice and do not play only the role of an indifferent audience outside the field who looks at his beloved hero from afar and wishes him victory in an unequal battle empty-handed against an army armed to the teeth! (Section: Articles and Remarks)

Translation of the letter:

The righteous servant of God, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, wrote to the Persian Muslims in the beginning of his letter after praising God and sending salutations to His prophet:

“And as to what follows... Oh you wise people! Oh Muslim brothers and sisters! I am talking to you about you. Will you hearken to my speech and believe it or will you close your ears and continue your way?! I swear to God, if the enemy of a human writes him a letter, he will read it carefully to know what his enemy has written for him, while I am your compassionate friend and well-wishing brother and it is more deserving to know what I have written for you. If you do not recognize me, I do recognize you and if you do not like me, I do like you. Hearken to my speech and do not ask who I am; Since the identity of human will be revealed by his speech and the wise will look at the speech and not to the speaker! There are lots of words of truth that a child says and there are lots of words of falsehood that elders say! A word of truth is true, even though a child says it and a word of falsehood is false, even though elders say it! Hence if you recognize the word, not recognizing its speaker will not harm you, just as if you do not recognize a speech, recognizing its speaker will not benefit you! So hearken to my speech to recognize me; Since human is hidden under his tongue and one is not recognized until he speaks his mind. You have not been given the ears unless to hear and you have not been given the eyes unless to see and you have not been given the intellect unless to distinguish what you hear and see and that what is right and what is wrong. So hearken to my speech by your ears and assess it by your intellect so that if it was right, accept it and if it was wrong, decline it. May God bestow you success; Because Satan wants you to not hear so that you will not know, and to not know so that you will be in misery, and is it not that misery comes after ignorance?! I know those who have been before me, have spoken a lot and have irritated you; Since lots of their speeches were lie and they have said things about which they have had no knowledge of, and a group of them want you just for themselves and do not other than to deceive. They call you to a truth which they themselves are unfamiliar with, and want you a good which they themselves are not being benefited by! They have relied on religion for gaining power and have made the Hereafter a pretext for this world; Otherwise, they neither know the religion as they should, nor they want the Hereafter as it deserves. Now I speak to you, while I neither have hope for power nor have any greed for this world. I am one among you who is being weakened on earth like you and I am not going after superiority over you or creating any corruption on earth. I do not want anything other than to promote good and prohibit from evil, so that God makes anyone whom He wills listen and makes anyone whom He wills deaf, and how do you know?! Perhaps He will alter and reveal some things; Since He is capable of doing anything and have full knowledge about everything...”.

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