Saturday, January 29, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 26, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(45) The special helpers of Imam Mahdi peace be upon him are the preparers of the grounds for his advent who reappear him with their sweat and bring him to power with their blood, while they are fearful, traveler and oppressed on earth, not those who have taken imams other than him and have made a living by his absence and have gained power and wealth, and they have stood against the preparers of his advent, and then they are greedy to be his special helpers! (Section: Questions and answers)

Translation of the letter:

Abdullah son of Habib informed us, he said: Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani wrote me a letter in which, after praising God and sending peace to the Prophet and his household, said:

“And thereafter...

O Abdullah son of Habib! Know that salvation is the fate of pious people, and piety is the title for God’s worship, and God’s worship is verily obedience to Him, and obedience to Him is to perform duties and avoid forbidden matters that He has stated in His Book and the Sunnah of His Prophet. So the servants of God are pious people who do righteous deeds and speak the truth; those whose hearts tremble with the fear of God, and settle down in their places in hopes for Him; those whose lips have dried due to mentioning God a lot, and whose stomachs have got thin due to continuous fasting; those who have freed their souls from the trap of passions, and have the dust of humbleness on their faces; those whose hearts have been purified by remembrance of death, and the Hereafter has caused the world to fall out of favor with them; concern for their duties has made them sleepless, and fear of rights has prevented them from eating; they are accustomed to what people hate, and hate what people are accustomed to; they know that soon they will be going to another world and must make provision for this journey; they know that they have a long way to go and must overcome rough obstacles; a way which its travelers never return, and obstacles which seem to swallow its passengers. Ah, how close today is to tomorrow! So they weep at the thought of this journey and prepare themselves for it; as if they are breathing their last, or are already dead before they die.

O Abdullah! They have known the world and assessed its value; so they have found it valueless and forsaken it.

O Abdullah! Know the world as they did; because one who knows the well does not cast himself into it, and one who is aware of poison does not drink it.

O Abdullah! I will have you know the world. The world is like a woman whose Mahr[1] is death or a dishonored prostitute whose wage is shame. Beware! Do not take her as a wife and do not sleep with her; because this deceitful one has killed her husbands and despoiled their heritages, sedated her lovers and stolen their belongings. Beware! Do not let her seduce you with her makeup and deceive you with her coquetry.

O Abdullah! I will have you know the world. The world is like a well which is dry or polluted with all kind of impurities; so do not cast your bucket into it, and do not use it as your watering place.

O Abdullah! I will have you know the world. The world is a worn-out ladder which cannot be leaned on, or is like a snake hole that whoever has put his hand in it has been bitten; or it is like a carcass which calls hyenas and gathers flies but drives away lions and disgust human beings.

O Abdullah! The world is a woman who does not give birth, a tree which does not produce fruits, a cloud which does not rain, and a shadow which does not last. Beware! Do not rely on it; because relying on it is relying on the wind, and making friends with it is making friends with a wolf, and who can be friends with a wolf?!

O Abdullah! Do not love the world; because the world has deserted those who have loved it the most. If you do not believe me, then look at those who have passed away; those who were once by your side, and there is no trace of them today. So review their story, and learn lesson from their fate; because they were human beings like you whom death grabbed onto their throats, and graves swallowed their corpses, and time wiped out their traces. Do you think what befell them will not befall you?! How?! While many of them were more powerful than you, and many others were richer than you, and yet their power and wealth did not benefit them, and in the end, they fell into the abyss of death. Beware! Do not let association with the living make you neglect the dead, so that you would compete with them in earning money and building houses and buying tools marrying women and immersing yourself in joys; because the living are the dead of future; as the dead are the living of the past.

O Abdullah! So many are those who slept and never woke up, and travelers who never returned, and patients who never recovered. Indeed, whoever is alive will die, and whoever eats will be eaten by dust.

O Abdullah! Do not neglect death; because death does not neglect you, and prepare yourself for it; because you do not know at what moment it will come to you. Abandon vain desires and do not follow passions. Do not rejoice if fortune of the world smiles on you, nor be sad if its misfortune comes to you. Take your control from Satan and entrust it to the Caliph of God on the earth; because Satan leads you to Hell, and the Caliph of God on the earth invites you toward Heaven.

O Abdullah! The helpers of Mahdi are not those who disobey God; his helpers are the ones who avoid major and minor sins; they get up at night to pray, and gain knowledge during the day and teach it to others. They have faith in the promises of God, and fear the Day of Judgment; the day when they will stand before the Lord and find whatever they did present.

The helpers of Mahdi are imbued with the morals of God’s Prophets, and are trained by the manners of God’s friends; they submit to the truth once it is revealed to them and abandon falsehood once it is disgraced before them; they are neither fanatic and stubborn nor foul-mouthed and garrulous; they do not attribute lies to God and stop associating with those who attribute lies to God; they perform the prayer at its initial time and donate their belongings to the needy; they suppress their anger and forgive people’s wrongdoings; they cherish their parents and endure their bad tempers; they do not disrespect their friends under the pretext of friendship, nor do they oppress their enemies under the pretext of enmity; they tolerate ignorant people and do not argue with stupid people; they are not talkative and do not laugh too much, nor do they sleep and eat too much; they restrain their lust and do not abandon chastity; they are not voyeuristic and shameless, neither do they show off and talk nonsense; they do not make friends with sinners, nor do they associate with oppressors; they do useful works and do not waste their times; they are familiar with the Book of God and know Halal and Haram; they do not deny teachings of the scholar and avoid being hostile to him, rather they respond to his invitation and rush to his help when he invites them toward Mahdi in order to gather them to help him.

O Abdullah! Do you think that those who respond to my invitation and rush to my aid hope for a share in the world?! Certainly not! Because they know that I have nothing in the world to give them, and they will have nothing with me except for being awake at night and struggle during the day, but they seek gardens beneath which rivers flow, and flee from a fire whose fuel is men and stones of sulfur; or do you think that those who oppose me and help my enemies hope for a share in the Hereafter?! Certainly not! Because they know that they take the side of the rulers of the world, and serve the powerful and the rich, and there is nothing for them in the Hereafter except for Fire. So leave people to choose their path; because they have no choice but to choose.

O Abdullah! Today we have started to pay our debts to the Household of Muhammad, and we swear to God that we stand firm in this way and do not fear the blame of any blamer. Our purpose for this movement is to prepare the ground for the advent of Mahdi; our purpose is to create the possibility for his sovereignty. So whoever is with us today will be with us tomorrow, and tomorrow we will be with the one toward whom we are moving today. So vie with one another, God bless you; because you are the righteous servants of God; those who are considered weak on the earth, and God wants nothing for them but to bestow a favor upon them and make them the inheritors of the world. Vie with one another in helping the man who leads you to the best ways and guides you to the best methods and calls you to the best fates, without asking for any wage or claiming anything about himself.

I ask God for forgiveness and remission of sins for you and me, and ask Him to make us and you from His helpers and the helpers of His Caliph on the earth; because He is the Most Generous, the Most Merciful, and forgives sins and answers prayers.

Peace and blessings of God be upon you”.

↑[1] . [Mahr, is the money that the groom is obliged to pay to the bride for his marriage.]
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