Tuesday April 13, 2021 AD Sha'aban 30, 1442 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
Due to the fact that this year (1442 lunar year), the month of Sha’ban began on Monday, March 15, 2021, the month of Ramadan will begin on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, or on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. Therefore, if the sighting of the crescent is confirmed anywhere in the world on Monday, April 12, 2021, the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan will be Tuesday, otherwise it will be Wednesday. If the sighting of the crescent is confirmed on Monday, it will be announced here Insha’allah. Therefore if not announced, the sighting is not confirmed.

Translation of the letter:

Abdullah son of Habib informed us, he said: His excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani wrote me a letter in which after mentioning God and praising Him and sending greetings to the prophet and his household, said:

“And as to what follows...

O Abdullah son of Habib! Know that Salvation is the fate of pious people and piety is the title for God’s worship, and God’s worship is verily obedience to Him and obedience to Him is to do obligatory deeds and to avoid Haram deeds which He has told in His book and in His prophet’s Sunnah. So the servants of God are pious people who are benefactor truth-tellers and temperate righteous people; Those whose hearts tremble from the fear of God and settles down in their own places in a hope for Him; Those whose lips have been dried due to mentioning God so much and have become lean due to continuous fasting; Those who have their souls liberated from the trap of passions and have the dust of humbleness on their faces; Those who remembrance of death has made their hearts busy with itself and the Hereafter has dropped the magnanimity of this world before them; Concern of the duties has made them sleepless and fear of the rights, has made them to not eat; They are familiar with what people flee from and flee from what people are acquainted with. They know that soon they will be traveling to another world and must take provisions for this journey. They know that they have a long way ahead and must pass from impassable notches; A way which its travelers never ever returned and notches which seem to have swallowed its passengers. Ah, how close is today to tomorrow! So they cry by thinking about this travel and prepare themselves for it; As it seems that they are breathing their last, or they are already dead before they die.

O Abdullah! They have known this world and have assessed its value; So they have found it valueless and have forsaken it.

O Abdullah! You also know this world; Because one who knows the well, does not cast himself in it and one who is aware of the poison, does not drink it.

O Abdullah! I introduce this world to you. This world is like a woman whose cabin is death or a dishonored prostitute whose wage is shame. Beware! Do not take it as a wife and do not sleep with it; Since this disloyal has killed her husbands and has despoiled their heritages and has made her lovers asleep and has stolen their properties. Beware! Do not let her seduce you with her makeup and deceive you with her coquetry.

O Abdullah! I introduce this world to you. This world is like a well which is withered or infected with types of filth; So do not cast your bucket in it and do not use it as your water supply place.

O Abdullah! I introduce this world to you. This world is a worn out ladder which can not be trusted, or is like a snake hole which anyone who has put his hands in it has been bitten; or is like a carrion which calls hyenas and gathers flies but drives away lions and causes disgust in human.

O Abdullah! This world is a woman who does not give birth and a tree which does not produce fruits and a cloud which does not rain and a shadow which does not last. Beware! Do not rely on it; Since relying on this world is to rely on wind, and friendship with it is friendship with a wolf and who can make friend with a wolf?!

O Abdullah! Do not like this world; Because this world has abandoned the one who has liked it the most. If you do not believe it, look at those who have passed away; Those who once were beside you and there is no trace of them today. So review their histories and learn lessons from their outcomes; Because they were humans like you whom death grabbed onto their throats and graves swallowed their corpses and time wiped out their trace. Do you think what happened to them, will not happen to you?! How?! While many of them were more powerful than you and many others were richer than you and yet their power and wealth did not benefit them and finally, they plummeted into the valley of death. Beware! Do not let association with the living make you heedless of the dead, so that you will compete with them to earn money and to make houses and to buy tools and to get married and to immerse yourself in joys; Since the living is the dead of the future; As the dead is the living of the past.

O Abdullah! So many are those who slept and never woke up and so many are the travelers who never returned and patients who never recovered. Indeed, anyone who is alive will die and anyone who eats, will be fed to earth.

O Abdullah! Do not neglect death; Since death does not neglect you and prepare yourself for it; Since you do not know at what moment it will come to you. Abandon vain desires and do not follow passions. Neither be glad with your fortuity in this world, nor be sad about your misery in it. Take your control from Satan and entrust it to God’s caliph on the earth; Since Satan will take you to Fire and God’s caliph on the earth will call you toward the paradise.

O Abdullah! The helpers of Mahdi are not the ones who commit disobedience to God; His helpers are the ones who avoid committing small and big sins; They do prayer at nights and gain knowledge and educate it to others in days. They have faith in God’s promises and are afraid of the day of judgment; The day in which they will stand before God and will see their deeds.

The helpers of Mahdi are accustomed to the morals of God’s prophets and are trained by the manners of God’s friends. They accept the truth once it is revealed to them and abandon the wrong once it is disgraced for them. They are neither fanatic and stubborn nor foul-mouthed and vain-tellers. They do not attribute lie to God and avoid those who attribute lies to God. They do prayer at onset of its due time and donate their money to needy people. They control their anger and forgive shortcomings of others. They cherish their parents and endure their bad tempers. They do not disrespect their friends with the excuse of having friendship with them nor do they oppress their enemies with excuse of having enmity with them. They tolerate ignorant people and do not argue with stupid people. They are not too talkative and do not laugh too much nor do they sleep and eat too much. They control their lusts and do not abandon chastity. They do not ogle and are not shameless neither are arrogant nor do they talk nonsense. They do not make friends with sinners and do not accompany with oppressors. They do beneficial works and do not waste their times. They are familiar with the book of God and its Halal and Haram. They do not deny teachings of the scholar and avoid enmity with him, rather respond to his invitation and hasten toward his aid; When he invites them toward Mahdi to bring them together to support him.

O Abdullah! Do you think the ones who respond to my invitation and hasten to aid me hope to gain a benefit for the life in this world?! It is not so; Since they know I do not have any benefit to offer them and they will have nothing with me except being awake late at nights and struggle during the days, but they seek paradises beneath which flow rivers and flee from a Fire whose fuel is men and sulfur stones; Or do you think the ones who fight with me and help my enemies hope to gain a benefit for the Hereafter?! It is not so; Since they know they are supporting the lords of this world and are at the service of powerful and rich people and there is nothing for them in the Hereafter except for Fire that is waiting for them. So leave people to choose their paths; Since there will be no escape for them from choosing.

O Abdullah! Today we have started to pay our debts to the Household of Mohammad and I swear to God we stand firm in this way and do not fear the blames of any blamer. Our purpose for this movement is to prepare the grounds for the advent of Mahdi. Our purpose is to create the possibility for his sovereign ruling. So anyone who is with us today, will also be next to us tomorrow and tomorrow we will be next to the one whom today we are going toward. So surpass each other -God bless you-; Since you are worthy servants of God; The ones who are being weakened on the earth and God wants nothing for them but to confers favor upon them and makes them inheritors of this world. Surpass each other to support a man who guides to the best ways and indicates the best methods and calls toward the best fates, without requesting any wage from you or claiming anything about himself.

I request God forgiveness and remission of sins for myself and you and ask Him to make us and you become helpers of Himself and helpers of His caliph on the earth; Since He is so generous and merciful and forgives sins and responds to the prayers.

“Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and His blessings on you”

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