Thursday, May 30, 2024 AD / Dhul-Qa’dah 22, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Translation of the letter:

One of our companions informed us, he said: I wrote to Mansoor Hashimi Khorasani, may God support him, and asked him to write to me every action that I must do after knowing the truth and supporting it to be among the successful. So he wrote to me:

“And thereafter…

[1] Perform prayer at the beginning of its time.

[2] Do not abandon the nafilah of night and seek forgiveness at dawn.

[3] If you are able to not neglect the remembrance of God for a moment, then do so; because neglecting His remembrance is the root cause of every sin.

[4] Remember death often and go visit the graves; because you will not stay on the earth but a short time.

[5] Fast on the first and last Thursday and the middle Wednesday of every (lunar) month; because it is Sunnah.

[6] Give alms; because it atones for your evil deeds.

[7] Do good to your parents, even if they mistreat you; because they have done good to you well enough.

[8] Do not sever your kinship ties, even if it hangs by something like a hair.

[9] Do not lie unless you fear that you will be killed or get somebody killed.

[10] Do not backbite except about one who is a disbeliever or a sinner. So when you complain about those who are absent, say: “What is the matter with people who do such-and-such or say such-and-such,” and do not mention them by name.

[11] Avoid arguing, even if you are right, but rather bring your proof and remain silent, even if you are accused of being defeated.

[12] Admit your mistake, even if you are humiliated.

[13] Forbid every wrong that you see and enjoin every right that you do not see; because it is the key to reforming the world.

[14] Do not talk too much to stay safe; because talking too much is not without flaws.

[15] Do not joke unless you speak the truth.

[16] Do not insult or slander anyone, even if in your opinion he deserves to be killed.

[17] Fulfill your promise, even if it is to a child.

[18] Do not disgrace a believer or you will be disgraced.

[19] Do not get angry unless you restrain it; because anger is one of the gates of Hell.

[20] Do not be strict with people so that they will not be strict with you; i.e., do not find fault, scrutinize, gloat, or retaliate.

[21] Do not entrust your works to others except when you are unable (to do them).

[22] Do not fill your stomach, nor eat what does not suit your temperament.

[23] Your sexual desire is a hungry, sleeping monster. Beware, do not wake it or it will eat you.

[24] Do not express an opinion on something of which you have no knowledge or you will come up with absurd words.

[25] Do not sleep less than five hours or more than eight hours or you will harm yourself.

[26] Do not mention any news you hear, for it may be a lie.

[27] Your time is more valuable than diamond; so do not spend it playing or doing useless things.

[28] You need to study, for there is still much you do not know.

[29] You need to do exercise, for a strong believer is better than a weak believer.

[30] Be clean and well-groomed, even if you have on a newspaper.

I ask God for success and forgiveness for myself and you, and peace be upon you and whoever follows the guidance.”

Explanation of the letter:

The believing men and women must know the value of this invaluable letter and use it as a plan to purify themselves so that in this way, they will draw near to God Almighty and be ready to help His Caliph on the earth, Imam Mahdi peace be upon him.

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