Saturday, October 16, 2021 AD / Rabi' al-awwal 9, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(58) Undoubtedly, political and economic growth without cultural growth, not only does not bring happiness to the man, but sooner or later will cause him misery; because such one-dimensional and unbalanced growth is like a sharpened sword in the hand of a drunken person who can cause serious and irreparable damage to him and others. (Section: Articles and Remarks)
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41 41
Beliefs; Cognition about the Caliphs of God; The offspring and household of the last Prophet
Fourteen Sayings from his honor about mourning for the family of the Prophet peace be upon him and his household and its laws
42 42
Introductions; Knowledge; Impediments to knowledge and reproaching people engaged in them
A Saying from his honor explaining the value of wisdom and condemning those who do not benefit from it.
43 43
Introductions; Proof; The book of God; Interpretation of some verses of Quran
Two astonishing Sayings from his honor introducing Dhu al-Qarnayn and Gog and Magog which are from his honor’s special wisdom.
44 44
Laws; Newly occurred issues
Seven sayings from his honor about the laws of the brain dead patients and their organ transplants
45 45
Laws; Forbidden businesses and occupations
Seven Sayings from his honor about prohibition of drugs and tobacco and buying and selling them
46 46
Laws; Invitation, enjoining good and prohibiting evil
Twelve sayings from his Honor in forbidding quarreling with and hostility to people concerning his Honor and inviting them toward this work
47 47
Laws; Prayer (Salah)
A Saying from his honor about the importance of praying and condemning those who do not pray.
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