Tuesday July 16, 2019 AD Dhul-Qi'dah 13, 1440 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
* At the same time as Eid al-Adha English translation of the honorable book “Return to Islam” written by Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani is published. * Software version of the book “Return to Islam” written by allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him has been published.


Number: 5

A part from his letter about necessity of cognition standard and its perfection

The letter text:

«...آیا کسی که طلای اصل را از بَدَل نمی‌شناسد به محک میزانی نیاز ندارد تا با آن بسنجد؟! یا کسی که راه را از بیراهه تمییز نمی‌دهد به راهنمای راه‌شناسی نیاز ندارد تا راه را نشانش دهد؟! یا کسی که در مکان تاریکی گرفتار است به شمع فروزانی نیاز ندارد تا پیرامونش را روشن نماید؟! یا کسی که چشم خود را از دست داده است به همراه بینایی نیاز ندارد تا دست او را بگیرد؟! یا کسی که در حال غرق شدن است به دست‌آویز استواری نیاز ندارد تا به آن چنگ بزند؟! یا هیچ عاقلی بدون قایق به دریا می‌زند؟! یا هیچ کوری بدون همراه به سفر می‌رود؟! به همین سان، کسی که حق را از باطل نمی‌شناسد به معیاری نیاز دارد تا با آن بسنجد و کسی که هدایت را از گمراهی تمییز نمی‌دهد به راهنمایی نیاز دارد تا هدایت را نشانش دهد و کسی که در تاریکیِ شبهات گرفتار است به شمعی نیاز دارد تا برایش روشن نماید و کسی که به درست و غلط بینا نیست به همراهی نیاز دارد تا دست او را بگیرد و کسی که در دریای جهل غرق می‌شود به دست‌آویزی نیاز دارد تا به آن بیاویزد. بدون معیار، شناختن و بدون راهنما، راه یافتن و بدون روشنایی، دیدن و بدون همراه، سفرِ کور و بدون دست‌آویز، نجات و بدون قایق، دریانوردی ممکن نیست...».

Translation of the letter:

“… Is it not that one who does not recognize the original gold from fake needs to have an examen to measure its originality?! Or is it not that one who does not recognize the correct path versus the devious route needs an expert leader to show him the route?! Or is it not that one who is left in a dark place needs a bright candle light up his surrounding?! Or is it not that one who has lost his eyes needs companionship of a sighted person to take his hand?! Or is it not that one who is drowning needs a firm stronghold to grab onto?! Or does any wise person go to the sea without a boat?! Or does any blind man go to a trip without a companion?! Likewise, a person who does not recognize truth versus falsehood needs a standard to assess with it and a person who does not identify guidance versus astray needs a guide to show him the path and one who is in darkness of doubts needs a candle to illuminate and one who is blind in discerning between the truth and falsehood needs a comrade to take his hand and one who is drowning in the sea of ignorance needs a stronghold to grab onto. It is not possible to recognize without a standard and find the path without a guide and see without light and travel blind without a companion and survive from drowning without a stronghold and sailing without a boat…”

Explanation of the letter:

This standard, guide, candle, comrade, stronghold and life boat, as it has already been mentioned in the honorable book “return to Islam” and other luminous sayings and writings from his honor Mansoor, is the “common sense intellect” which invites toward the book of God and His pure successor on the earth and prevent from obeying anyone other than those two and without that, there is no difference between right and falsehood, light and darkness, guidance and astray and truth and falsehood.

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