Tuesday, January 25, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 22, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(19) Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani believes that the earth is never empty from the “Caliph of God” and his reason for this belief is the rational necessity of the existence of God’s Caliph on earth to teach the whole Islam and its implementation in a pure and complete way on one hand, and the word of God who has clearly said: “Undoubtedly I set a Caliph on the earth” on the other hand. (Section: Questions and answers)
Question & Answer

After I studied the book “Return to Islam”, I have become very precise with narrations, such that whenever I confront a narration, I think it may be Wahid or incorrect. Please guide me.

We appreciate your honor and let us remind you that the increase in your precision and cautiousness in confronting with the narrations, is very blessed and praiseworthy. Because it demonstrates an increase in your God-fearing in your religion and it shows that now you act more wisely than the past; With regards to the fact that heedlessness of someone in accepting the narrations, considering the probability of their fakeness or weakness, not only does not stem from his or her religiosity, rather it stems from his or her carelessness in his or her religion and this is contrary to the common illusion that exists among the public; Because their perception is that necessity of religiosity is to accept every narration even if that narration is Wahid or weak, whereas such a narration only brings about conjecture and God has prohibited from relying on conjecture and therefore, accepting such a narration, is disobedience to God and there is no doubt that disobedience to God cannot be the necessity of religiosity!

Yes indeed, the importance of this rule is more when it comes to narrations that are about beliefs and Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and it is less when it comes to narrations that are about morality and lifestyle teachings which do not includes teachings related to beliefs and jurisprudence; Like the narrations that command to telling the truth and supporting the orphans and perfection of behavior and establishing the night’s prayer and those that prohibit from cursing and greed and jealousy and quarrel; With regards to the fact that even if these narrations are not issued by an infallible textually, they have been issued in similarity, and accepting their general concept is not considered accepting the conjecture, rather it is accepting the certainty. Therefore there is no problem to use these narrations that are about morality and behavioral teachings, even if they may not be Mutawatir and referring to them from the perspective that they are compatible with the holy Quran and Mutawatir narrations and is in accordance with common sense intellect, is permissible; contrary to the narrations that are about beliefs and Islamic commandments that inevitably have to be Mutawatir; in the sense that their text or concept must have been narrated by minimum four individuals in every level and this can be easily investigated by referring to the recent comprehensive collection of narrations in which there is a dedicated chapter to every subject which includes all the narrations under that specific subject; because with such an investigation it will be mostly determined that how many narrations have reached to us about a belief or a commandment and through how many paths that has happened and which one of them is Wahid and which one is Mutawatir.

Yes indeed, it is very clear that this is a temporary method to acquire knowledge about the beliefs and Islamic commandments and the genuine method is to find access to the Caliph of God on earth which is a duty above all duties and that is only possible by preparing the grounds for his reappearance and the foundation for preparing the grounds for his reappearance is to gather around Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani who is inviting all Muslims to group together in order to help Mahdi; Because whenever an adequate number of Muslims gather together in order to support Mahdi, his reappearance based on God’s promise and His tradition is certain.

May God succeed all of us in rising for this crucial Islamic duty.

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