Thursday, May 30, 2024 AD / Dhul-Qa’dah 22, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Critique & Response

On your website, you have mentioned the infidel West, the such and such America and the true Islam several times. These statements are well-known in Iran, and have been heard from religious people for decades but have not had as good an effect as wheat seeds. The biggest mistake in the current world is handing over the government of countries to religious people, which has unambiguously left its undesirable effects on the political, economic, military and social administration of countries; as you can see that the people in Iran are stuck in a quagmire under the rule of a religious government. In the age of space and the Internet, religious people and their entourage will never be able to lead a nation to comprehensive development. We have heard from the past «شرف المکان بالمکین», which means the honor of any place depends on the person who sits in that place. The religion in a position of lies, discrimination, monopoly and hundreds of other defects cannot lead mankind to honesty and righteousness. Human history has not shown such a thing so far.

Dear brother!

Talking about the incompetence of religious people in governing has become as old and clichéd as talking about their competence in it; because these two theories have always been put forward together, and neither of them has had “as good an effect as wheat seeds”! If religious people have ruled for decades, secularists have ruled for centuries, but the result of their rule has been nothing but ignorance, poverty, discrimination, corruption, war, insecurity and brutality for the whole world! It seems the phrase “the honor of any place depends on the person who sits in that place” is the only thing that you have heard “from the past”; because you have not even heard that the greatest and most destructive wars in history were not waged by “religious people”, but by secularists who gained wealth and power by plundering the resources of weak and oppressed countries and exploiting the working and deprived class, and built their rule on the broken bones of blacks and the shed blood of North American Indians. Yes, the religious people in the Catholic Church, too, during their rule over Europe, brought nothing but horror and misery to its people, and raised “the anti-Christ”, this child of Satan, in their womb like an adulteress, but it was secularists who, like a midwife, brought this sinister child into the world in the eighteen century, and after two centuries of nurturing, made it dominant over the whole world.

It is hereby understood that the government of “religious people” and the government of non-religious people are two sides of the same coin, and, as you said, neither of them has had “as good an effect as wheat seeds”! Therefore, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani believes that “the biggest mistake in the current world” is not “handing over the government of countries to religious people”, but handing over the government of countries to all those whom the Creator of the world has not deemed worthy of governing, including religious people; considering that the Creator of the world is the Most Deserving for its administration, and He does so by introducing “the perfect human” as His Caliph.

Yes, of course if you do not believe in the existence of God, then you must believe in His existence in view of His signs in the heaven and the earth and the order that has encompassed everything and the rhythmic movements that govern the nature. However, if you believe in His existence, then you must concede this inevitable fact that the rule over the world belongs to Him alone, and humans do not deserve to rule over humans. The realization of justice in the world is contingent upon the realization of God’s sovereignty over it, and God’s sovereignty over it will be realized when His Caliph takes over the government in it, and His Caliph takes over the government in it when people like you abandon religious leaders and non-religious leaders, and stop moving back and forth between the two, between jibt and taghut, and turn away from both of them toward “the perfect human”, the Caliph of God on the earth, and stretch out the hand of need to his doorstep, and submit to him conceding their inability, and ask him a favor to grant them pardon for the mistake they insisted on for more than a thousand years, and to accept the rule over them in order to free them from humiliation and misery, and lead them to dignity and contentment.

This is the only path for your salvation, and any other path leads to perdition, whether you call it religion or disbelief; because without God and His Caliph on the earth, there is no noticeable difference between religion and disbelief, and whoever does not pledge allegiance to God and His Caliph on the earth, he may pledge allegiance to religious people if he wants or to non-religious people if he wants, rather to a stone if he wants or to a wood if he wants; because it is equal for him in either case!

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