Thursday, January 27, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 24, 1443 AH

Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani

(19) Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani believes that the earth is never empty from the “Caliph of God” and his reason for this belief is the rational necessity of the existence of God’s Caliph on earth to teach the whole Islam and its implementation in a pure and complete way on one hand, and the word of God who has clearly said: “Undoubtedly I set a Caliph on the earth” on the other hand. (Section: Questions and answers)
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Letter of the day
A part of his letter in which he forbids Muslims from ignorance and calls them to achieve knowledge and recognition of truth and falsehood.

Translation of the letter:

In the name of Allah the beneficent the most merciful

Oh my God and God of my fathers those who passed! And God of skies raised by pillars which cannot be seen! And God of ablaze sun and shining moon and abundant stars! And God of extended lands which some are on the top of some others and are attached together by some nails! And God of deep and widespread oceans and whatever is floating on and in them! And God of great seas with raging waves and beautiful islands and sandy beaches and rivers which pour at them! And God of high mountains with snowy peaks and steep slopes and dark valleys and dangerous headlands and big rocks which are put next to them! And God of lush forests with dense trees and dark deeps and every creature which is moving in them! And God of vast deserts with waterless area and eroded soil and sifted shrubs[1] and sand storms which are blowing on them!...

↑[1] . The purpose is the dried shrubs that are shaken by the wind like in a sieve and wind separates their leaves from the stem or like the unrooted and bewildering shrubs that spiral around in wind and throw them up and down, as if wind is sieving them.
Saying of the day
A Sermon from his honor in which he has gathered all aspects of wisdom (Hikmah).

Translation of the saying:

A number of our helpers informed us and said: his honor Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani came to a village to invite its residents toward God and His Caliph on earth; He was so welcomed among the residents of the village and he was their guest for three days, when he was about to leave them, they rushed toward him and surrounded him and they said: Oh you friend of God! Give us some advice before you leave; because we have not heard anything other than wisdom from you and your words shake the rocks! So he stood up on the bump edge of a pool so that everyone could see him and then he said:

“Oh you people! Be informed that no treasure is more beneficial for you than knowledge and people are one of three types: one who knows, one who intends to learn and one who is not anyone. Oh you people! Do not drown into your lives and do not remain unaware of what is going on with your world and your hereafter...

Lesson of the day

Translation of the lesson:

Verse No. 10

God Almighty has said:

“Hold firmly to the rope of God together and do not become divided into groups”.


1 . Abdullah ibn Habib al-Tabari informed us, he said: I asked Mansoor about the rope of God in His words that has said: “Hold firmly to the rope of God together and do not become divided into groups”, so he said: What do they say? I said: They say it is the Quran, then he said: The Quran is the Book of God, and the rope of God is the Prophet. Do you not see that they were not divided into groups as long as the Prophet was among them, so when he passed away, they were divided into groups whereas the Quran was among them?! So the rope of God was the Prophet as long as he was among them, then when he passed away, it was a man from his Ahl al-Bayt who completely taught them his Sunnah, and it will always be the same until the Day of Judgment arrives...

Question and Answer of the day
Questions and answers


Who is Messiah of Dajjal or Antichrist that has been mentioned in Shia and Sunni narrations? Is it true that in order to recognize Imam Mahdi, we should recognize Dajjal as well? Is Dajjal a person or a movement? Is he alive by now? How does Imam Mahdi kill Dajjal? It has been narrated from the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him and his household, that Dajjal is the very ibn Sayyad. Is ibn Sayyad the very Dajjal?


Please note the following points:

1. Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, in his invaluable book “Return to Islam”[1], has revealed the existence of a widespread and hidden satanic network in the world which, under the supremacy and management of satan himself and through an unofficial alliance of the most powerful corrupters and wealthy atheists on the one hand, and Jewish priests and sorcerers who worship satan on the other hand, is preparing the grounds for the realization of satan’s blatant sovereignty over the world...

Criticism and Investigation of the day
Criticisms and investigations


How on earth is it possible that all these scholars and jurisprudents and mujtahids throughout centuries and ages have not realized all these aspects about Islamic beliefs and laws and now at this time, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani has realized them all?


You tell us how it is not possible, so that we would tell how it is possible! Moreover, it is not like that none of scholars, jurisprudents and mujtahids throughout centuries and ages have not realized any of these beliefs and laws. But some of them, among predecessors in particular, have realized many of these beliefs and laws, but then they were covered for posterities in the passage of centuries and ages; As, for example, some scholars, jurisprudents and mujtahids among the Shiites, such as Sharif Murtaza (Died 436 AH) and Shaikh Tusi (Died 60 AH) have pointed to some reminders of his Excellency Mansoor in their books and treatises, such as lack of authority of wahid narrations...

Article of the day
Articles and remarks
Mahdi, the axis of unity of Muslims
Muhammad Sajjad Amel

The invaluable book Return to Islam by the wise scholar Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani has been published at a time when the Islamic world deeply neglects the promised person of the end times, Imam Mahdi peace be upon him, and absolutely considers no role for him in its political and cultural equations. There is no doubt that the belief in Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him, is one of the greatest common points among Muslims of the world and a turning point in their relations; therefore, inspired by the firm and enlightening foundations of this book, I decided to write a short article about the irreplaceable role of Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him, in uniting Muslims of the world as a path to the advent of Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him.

In the current situation of the Islamic world, it seems that Muslims of the world, first of all, need to abandon and forget their old disagreements and conflicts that are buried deep in the past centuries and eras;...

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Why did his Excellency Ali not try Uthman’s killers?God introduces, in the verse 46 of Surah Al-Baqarah, the humble individuals as those who have conjecture on meeting their God and returning to Him. Whereas, according to the saying of his Excellency, achieving certainty in religion is obligatory, and according to the verses that are mentioned repeatedly in the book, conjecture has no place in Islam. Please explain how these two come together?According to the rule which Allamah may God protect him has mentioned regarding the advent of Imam Mahdi, that his advent does not require the gathering of all people and requires the gathering of a sufficient number of them, some questions have arisen for me, which are as follows: 1. Is the quantity and quality of this sufficient number known for him or is its knowledge with God? 2. Did this sufficient number not exist in the time of the caliphs of the past?...
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