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Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani

(6) The book “Return to Islam” is stating the lessons of Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him which had turned into the basis of a blessed cultural movement and the slogan of the oppressed and freedom-seeking Muslims all around the world. (About works)
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
Subject matters of the day
Letter of the day

Translation of the letter:

The righteous servant of God, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, wrote to the Persian Muslims in the beginning of his letter after praising God and sending salutations to His prophet:

“And as to what follows... Oh you wise people! Oh Muslim brothers and sisters! I am talking to you about you. Will you hearken to my speech and believe it or will you close your ears and continue your way?! I swear to God, if the enemy of a human writes him a letter, he will read it carefully to know what his enemy has written for him, while I am your compassionate friend and well-wishing brother and it is more deserving to know what I have written for you. If you do not recognize me, I do recognize you and if you do not like me, I do like you. Hearken to my speech and do not ask who I am; Since the identity of human will be revealed by his speech and the wise will look at the speech and not to the speaker! There are lots of words of truth that a child says and there are lots of words of falsehood that elders say! A word of truth is true, even though a child says it...

Saying of the day

Translation of the saying:

Abdul Salaam bin Abdul Ghayoum Balkhi informed us and said: I asked Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani about acting upon narrations, so he deemed it non-acceptable and said: God has not sent down any narrations unless that has become Mutawatir[1] and that is because God is not worshipped based on conjecture, rather He is worshipped based on certitude! I asked: what is the range of Tawatur? He said: what the wise people find certainty with that! I said: how many is that in number? He said: four just men who are not in discord with one another; as God Almighty has said: “Why they did not bring four witnesses to prove it?! And since they did not bring four witnesses, they are liars in the sight of God”[2] I said: It is possible that they have disagreement on the words, but their concepts are the same! He said: there is no problem and some of them should not be companions to the others in order to avoid accusation (of collusions with or receptions from one another) in their narrations! In this moment he went into silence for a short moment and then said: Indeed the Salafists set intellect aside, so their faces became ugly!...

↑[1] . [Translator note: Mutawatir is a type of narration which has enough number of narrators in each class such that collusion or error of all of them is not possible and this type of narration brings about certitude.]
↑[2] . An-Nur/ 13
Lesson of the day

Translation of the lesson:


A group of our helpers informed us, they said: Mansoor Hashemi khorasani may God protect him, dictated us in some of his assemblies, so he said:

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Praise to Allah, the Lord of the world and peace be upon Muhammad and his pure family, but after that, remember -O servants of God- that God has wisdom and grace, and it has been due to His wisdom and grace that He has not left the earth since He made Adam peace be upon him inhabit in it, without a just scholar that has made him an Imam for them, so that he guides them, and one of the things that implies it, is His saying that has said: “Indeed, I am the Appointer of a Caliph on earth” [Al-Baqarah/ 30] and has said: “It is just that you are a warner and there is a guide for every nation” [Ar-Ra’d/ 7] and has said: “The day when we call every group with its Imam” [Al-Isra/ 71] and has said: “And of those whom We have created, there are a number who lead to the truth and do justice with it” [Al-A’raf/ 181]...

Criticism and Investigation of the day
Criticisms and investigations


I have a question. In the time of Prophet and his successors, some people lived in distant locations from them and did not have access to them to learn their religion and ask their questions. So, the Prophet and his successors appointed a representative in that city or area and people learned their religion from him. Now here is the question: Was the appointed person infallible? Was it impossible for him to give a wrong answer? So, how is it that people did not go astray? How did the guidance of God reach people by the means of a fallible person without deficiency and shortcoming?


Dear Brother!

Please pay attention to the following points:

Firstly: your claim about that Prophet and his successors appointed representatives in cities so that people learn their religion from them, does not have any base; because they did not appoint representatives for this purpose,...

Question and Answer of the day
Questions and answers


With our greetings, we want to know his honor’s opinion about this narration:

Amir al-Mu’minin Ali peace be upon him has said: The great prophet peace be upon him and his household said: “A man will rise from Transoxiana who is called “Harith ibn Harith”, the commander of his corps and the leader of his army is a man called “Mansoor” who will prepare sovereign ruling and monarchy for the household of Muhammad peace be upon him and his household or will provide power and dominance for them, as Quraysh prepared the grounds for sovereign ruling of God’s prophet peace be upon him and his household. It is obligatory to any muslim believer to aid him”. (Aghd al-Durar, page 130)

[Also] we want to know his honor’s opinion about this narration:

Conjunction occurs between Mars and Saturn every two years. Imam Ali peace be upon him considers the move of army of Khorasani and Shoaib bin Saleh from Samarkand toward Iraq,...

Article of the day
Articles and remarks
Who does not read the book Return to Islam or reads it, but does not benefit from it?
Reza Ghafurian

In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful

Whether we want it or not, today the book “Return to Islam”, written by Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, and the ideology of return to pure and complete Islam have become a scholarly and cultural reality in the world of Islam. The reality that although is only taken seriously and followed by some Muslims today, but soon it will become a great Islamic movement. The movement that will rise against centuries of ignorance and prejudice, and will destroy the impediments to God’s sovereignty on earth. This is the beginning days of the world revolution, because the great Mahdavi revolution will be formed in the end time based on knowledge and certainty and the elimination of conjectures, heresies and deviations. The very change that because of the extent of its novelty and freshness, is called a new religion! And of course, today is the beginning of that great change...

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Lesson two: Cognition standard; Necessity and unityLesson one: Foreword
Criticisms & investigations
Thanks for your weighty website. I read the book of this great and unknown scholar entirety and read some parts of it twice. If I want to have a detailed description of it and not be accused of exaggeration, I must say that it was lower than the words of the Prophet and his family and higher than the words of others! In my opinion, such a book is not appreciated in our society so soon, and it will take a long time to be understood properly...In the book Return to Islam, he has mentioned Sayyid Jamal Asadabadi and has introduced him as a person who wrote a letter to the scholars of Islam as a reformer, but they refused to listen to fair words due to arrogance. Of course, there is no doubt that some scholars are arrogant and stingy, and there is no question that Sayyid Jamal has raised the right issues. But the point is that in some sources, Sayyid Jamal al-Din has been introduced as an agent of the British government...In the article written on the honorable website, you mentioned the infidel west and the like-that United States of America and the truth-oriented Islam several times, that most of these sentences have been heard for 35 years and have not had a good effect as much as a wheat seed. The biggest mistake in the existing world is to hand over the sovereignty of the countries to the religious and spiritual officials of the societies, which has left its undesirable effects on the political, economic, military, and social administration of the countries...
Which of the Quran’s Interpretations do you suggest for further study by young people?How can be distinguished the difference of false Sadat from the real Sadat? This problem has become widespread since the time of the Safavids, and even some became Sayyids by giving money! Is it correct for anyone to claims of being Sayyid according to the identity card? In case of suspicion, is it possible to avoid paying khums?Can someone visit the Mahdi (AS) by doing obligations and abandoning forbidden and giving Nazr?I live in one of the cities of England and I go to a mosque near my workplace to perform the noon and evening prayers as necessary. Unfortunately, there are very fanatic Sunni brothers in this mosque who have a problem with the way of praying of a Twelver Shia that is performed with hands by the side and using Turbah, and that is why they have confronted me by far. My question is, if there is a possibility of a severe confrontation even at the level of getting beaten and injued...According to the rule which Allamah may God protect him has mentioned regarding the advent of Imam Mahdi, that his advent does not require the gathering of all people and requires the gathering of a sufficient number of them, some questions have arisen for me, which are as follows: 1. Is the quantity and quality of this sufficient number known for him or is its knowledge with God? 2. Did this sufficient number not exist in the time of the caliphs of the past?...
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