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Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani

(61) Islam is the last instructions and guidelines of God for human’s prosperity. Is there anyone more knowledgeable and benevolent than God who can provide better instructions and guidelines than His instructions and guidelines?! If His instructions and guidelines are not correct, then whose instructions and guidelines are correct?! (Section: Articles and Remarks)
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Letter of the day
A letter from his honor for one of his helpers in which advises him and forewarns him of worldliness.

Translation of the letter:

Abdullah son of Habib informed us, he said: His excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani wrote me a letter in which after mentioning God and praising Him and sending greetings to the prophet and his household, said:

“And as to what follows...

O Abdullah son of Habib! Know that Salvation is the fate of pious people and piety is the title for God’s worship, and God’s worship is verily obedience to Him and obedience to Him is to do obligatory deeds and to avoid Haram deeds which He has told in His book and in His prophet’s Sunnah. So the servants of God are pious people who are benefactor truth-tellers and temperate righteous people; Those whose hearts tremble from the fear of God and settles down in their own places in a hope for Him; Those whose lips have been dried due to mentioning God so much and have become lean due to continuous fasting;...

Saying of the day
A saying from his honor in description of the pious people of the era.

Translation of the saying:

One of our helpers informed us and said: one night I went to Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani while he was alone, and he was looking at the stars of the sky through the window. I asked: may I be your sacrifice, what you are thinking about?! Without taking his eyes off the stars of the sky, he said:

Oh you the fellow! In the midst of this era, in this period of time that the light of religion is hidden behind the dark clouds, God has some servants whom He is always in their hearts. They light up lamps in the eyes of people from their awareness and they remind people of the days of God and inform people of their predecessors’ exemplary fate. They are like the guiders in terrifying unknown desserts. They give good tidings to those who join the truth and they warn those who gravitate toward the false. Indeed, there are some servants for God around the corners of this vast world, those who have selected God’s remembrance from the attachments of the world...

Lesson of the day

Translation of the lesson:


A group of our helpers informed us, they said: Mansoor Hashemi khorasani may God protect him, dictated us in some of his assemblies, so he said:

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Praise to Allah, the Lord of the world and peace be upon Muhammad and his pure family, but after that, remember -O servants of God- that God has wisdom and grace, and it has been due to His wisdom and grace that He has not left the earth since He made Adam peace be upon him inhabit in it, without a just scholar that has made him an Imam for them, so that he guides them, and one of the things that implies it, is His saying that has said: “Indeed, I am the Appointer of a Caliph on earth” [Al-Baqarah/ 30] and has said: “It is just that you are a warner and there is a guide for every nation” [Ar-Ra’d/ 7] and has said: “The day when we call every group with its Imam” [Al-Isra/ 71] and has said: “And of those whom We have created, there are a number who lead to the truth and do justice with it” [Al-A’raf/ 181]...

Question and Answer of the day
Questions and answers


Who is Messiah of Dajjal or Antichrist that is mentioned in Shiite and Sunni narrations? He is mentioned on your website too. Is it true that in order to recognize his excellency Mahdi we should recognize Dajjal too? Is Dajjal a person or a movement? Is he alive by now? How does his excellency Mahdi kill Dajjal? His excellency Ali said the Prophet of God said that Dajjal is the very Sa’id ibn Seyd. Is Sa’id ibn Seyd an instance for Dajjal?


His excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani in the chapter “Prevention of Islam’s enemies” of the book “Return to Islam”[1] has revealed the existence of a widespread and satanic hidden network in this world which under the superintendence and managment of satan himself and with unofficial alliance of greatest powerful corrupters and wealthy atheists on one hand and jewish priests and satanist sorcerers on the other hand, are preparing the grounds for realizing openly sovereignty of satan over this world...

↑[1] . page 201
Criticism and Investigation of the day
Criticisms and investigations


Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, who believes imitation of scholars is not enough, then what role or duty does he consider for them? Does he believe that Muslim scholars have no particular role and responsibility?!


Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, is one of the Muslim scholars himself, and accordingly considers the same role for them which he considers for himself, and that role is preparing the grounds for establishment of pure and complete Islam in the world through creating and maintaining the sovereignty of God’s Caliph on earth in the way which he has explained in the honorable book “Return to Islam”.

Therefore, according to him, Muslim scholars are required to invite toward the Caliph of God instead of inviting toward themselves, and spend time in creating and maintaining his sovereignty instead of creating and maintaining their own sovereignty;...

Article of the day
Articles and remarks
Mahdi, the axis of unity of Muslims
Mohammad Sajjad Amel

The valuable book “Return to Islam” written by the wise thinker Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani has been published in a situation in which the world of Islam is in a deep negligence about the promised person of the end of time, his Excellency Mahdi peace be upon him, and considers absolutely no role for him in its political and cultural equations, or if it does, it has forgotten his Excellency’s role. There is no doubt that believing in his Excellency is one of the greatest points of commonality among the Muslims of the world and a turning point in their relations; therefore I decided to write a short article by the inspiration from the firm and lightning foundations of this book about the unprecedented role of his Excellency Mahdi peace be upon him regarding unity of the Muslims of the world as path to Imam Mahdi’s advent.

In the current situation of the world of Islam, it seems that the Muslims of the world need to, first and foremost, abandon their archaic disputes and forget the old conflicts which are buried deep in the past centuries and eras;...

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In which cases backbiting is permissible?It has been seen and heard frequently that individuals, even atheist or Buddhist or cow worshipper, have been healed by visiting their own temples and holy places. Explain that how this happens?1. Is there anything in Islamic law called temporary marriage, secretly? 2. Why do scholars of Sunni sects consider it forbidden and Shia scholars obligatory? 3. If someone has to get married temporary, is it obligatory to help him or not? 4. Is it okay if someone does not want to get married permanently and gets married temporary? 5. Do girls have the right to do such a marriage?...
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Why did his Excellency Ali not try Uthman’s killers?God introduces, in the verse 46 of Surah Al-Baqarah, the humble individuals as those who have conjecture on meeting their God and returning to Him. Whereas, according to the saying of his Excellency, achieving certainty in religion is obligatory, and according to the verses that are mentioned repeatedly in the book, conjecture has no place in Islam. Please explain how these two come together?According to the rule which Allamah may God protect him has mentioned regarding the advent of Imam Mahdi, that his advent does not require the gathering of all people and requires the gathering of a sufficient number of them, some questions have arisen for me, which are as follows: 1. Is the quantity and quality of this sufficient number known for him or is its knowledge with God? 2. Did this sufficient number not exist in the time of the caliphs of the past?...
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