Saturday, April 20, 2024 AD / Shawwal 11, 1445 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful

Whether we want it or not, today the book “Return to Islam”, written by Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, and the ideology of return to pure and complete Islam have become a scholarly and cultural reality in the world of Islam. The reality that although is only taken seriously and followed by some Muslims today, but soon it will become a great Islamic movement. The movement that will rise against centuries of ignorance and prejudice, and will destroy the impediments to God’s sovereignty on earth. This is the beginning days of the world revolution, because the great Mahdavi revolution will be formed in the end time based on knowledge and certainty and the elimination of conjectures, heresies and deviations. The very change that because of the extent of its novelty and freshness, is called a new religion! And of course, today is the beginning of that great change. God must be praised for these great days, and the awakening of all Muslims in the world and their return to pure and complete Islam is to be requested from Him.

In the meantime, the thing which needs further analysis and pathology is the silence of some sections of society, especially scholars, professors and enlightened people in confronting this important and history maker movement that should be viewed and analyzed from various perspectives. Perhaps one can find most of the people who either do not read the book or read it but do not benefit from it, in one of the following categories:

1 . A group of people are unaware of the publication of the honorable book “Return to Islam” and know nothing about it. This is a gap which must be filled with the endeavor of Muslims in order to better notify Muslims about this honorable book, to the extent that a day may come in which there remains no Muslim who is unaware of the book “Return to Islam” and has not read and not understood it.

2 . A group of people who have received and read the book, but their problem is that they have lack of complete and correct understanding from all or parts of it, therefore they disregard it. It is clear that such an issue has a simple solution. All Muslims who succeed in receiving this book from various ways, can refer to the website for the office of Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani with the address and then refer to the section of “Explanations” or the section of “Questions and Answers (Q&A)”, additionally they can study the descriptions of this book prepared in four languages including Persian, Arabic, Tajik and English, and is also promotable in other languages with the support of other Muslim brothers and sisters from all parts of the world, also they can study the questions of Muslims about the book and the answers of the center to them, to resolve all of their ambiguities.

3 . A group of people are those who may have received the book in some way, but have not understood its prominence or have not found the opportunity to read the book or concentrate on it because of their daily routines, so they have put that in later priorities or basically have put it on a far and abandoned corner. Unfortunately, the daily routines and problems of life are a pervasive pain that distracts their attention from the truth. But indeed, if people really know that the solution to their everyday problems, such as the increase of the prices, house rent, educational problems of children, family problems and suchlike, is written in the book Return to Islam, perhaps they would open some time in the midst of the daily routines and problems to read and think about this book and their vision about it would be changed completely and read it with a lot of curiosity and vigilance!

4 . A group of people are those who may read the book and find out the existing facts in it, but are afraid because of the suppression and pressure governing the political atmosphere of the country and do not say anything about the book or cannot gain the permission to talk about it! What should be reminded to these people is the fearing of God and the day of resurrection and the fearing of divine trial. Because the content of this book is nothing but the pure and complete Islam based on certitudes, meaning verses of Quran and the Mutawatir Sunnah and firm intellectual proofs, and these are the salient examples of Good. Therefore, inviting toward it is a salient example of promotion of Good and therefore, it is obligatory. Hence, somebody who is afraid of the governments’ trial more than God’s trial, is not an intelligent and wise person, and is making a mistake and will immediately lose and regret.

5 . Some people are those who understand the book, but they do not consider its content rightful because of its novelty and freshness and also its obvious difference compared with common and famous readings, at least in some cases. this method is not a right method either! Because everything except for the sacred essence of God is a creation, and has been created from a point in time forward, and this is not a reason for its nullity and invalidity! In fact, the old beliefs and deeds that people consider them good and are used to them, did not exist from the beginning and they are new compared to beliefs and deeds that were before them, and if we accept this method, it is clear there will remain no truth after! It is obvious that this habit is false and has a psychological and mental root and must be eliminated. The correct way that the Holy Quran praises, is to pay attention to all speeches, regardless of their time and location and speaker, and to follow the best word by relying on intellect as a criterion for cognition and avoid the impediments to cognition.

6 . A group of people also prefer to watch and never say anything. They are used to the existing state and are afraid that knowing this school of thought and its necessities will destroy their current lives! They are those who will not have any Good in the hereafter, because there is no place between the truth and falsehood, and anyone who does not join the truth will turn to the falsehood, and such a cowardice and fear of change and liberation from the chains of daily routines will have a great forfeiture.

7 . Another group are some scholars and celebrities who receive the news about the book, but because they consider themselves entirely knowledgeable and perfect and without need to ask and know, they may not refer to the book or may read the book but their pride does not allow them to bow down before its facts and to say something about it. Of course, these people have made a mistake in their calculations in several respects. Because on the one hand, accepting a wrongdoing and confessing to an ignorance not only does not bring down someone’s rank nor dignity, but rather it will bring them up. On the other hand, the real greatness is someone who is great before God, not before people, and the true prominent is someone who is prominent in the heaven, not on the earth! And only those are great before God and are prominent in His pure heaven who are afraid of Him and are pious, and see and listen to the truth and express it and follow it and invite toward it. But unfortunately, few people understand this great truth. Furthermore, eventually whether these so-called great people and celebrities want it or not, the truth traverses its path and reaches the point of destination and by that day, there will be nothing left for this group except for scandal! Hence, intellect commands that today they should think of tomorrow, and today they should step over their pride, so that tomorrow all their existence would not be stepped over!

8 . Some people also look at the book with their preconceptions. They have not yet seen and read it, they deny it and consider it invalid and label it a lot. They are those who have already taken their decisions and if they read the book, they read it not for understanding and guidance and promotion, but for defamation, denegation, making excuses and mockery, and they are not seeking wisdom and guidance. This group, only on that day of regret in which the eyes will be out of the pupils, will understand that how fast they made decision and were deceived by the devil and lost the field.

9 . A group of people are also so prejudiced such that as soon as they confront the slightest difference in the book with things and people whom they believe in, lose their control with no hesitance and cast aspersion, use invective language, insult and practice accusation. This group also will only understand the truth in the day that will be entered into the hellfire with their beloveds and idols. A fire that has been ignited by their blind prejudice and ignorant disgrace. That day is the day of a great regret, and from that day we must seek refuge toward God.

10 . Some people are also so much of imitators that they do not even drink water without the permission of their imitative authority and forerunner, let alone reading, understanding and obligation to a valuable book such as “Return to Islam”! They also close their eyes as soon as they encounter the book, and do whatever their imitative authority and forerunner states. They will also face a great regret in a hard day when their imitative authority and forerunner will not help them.

11 . Some people also read this honorable book and find out its hierology, but in the turmoil of sedition, chaos, marginalization, demagogy and poisonous propagandas of the enemies of God are being deceived and pessimistic, and their hearts become darkened, and instead of the context they consider the margin, and ultimately get far away from the truth. Of course, there is no doubt that those sedition-makers who prevent from the path of God, first of all are in charge of that great sin and a painful torment awaits them. These demagogue, despite the openness of the gate of scholarly and logical critique, since they have no proof and logic, try to poison the environment. But anyway, the audience of this honorable book must know that the truthful movement of all Prophets and Guardians of God throughout history has been accompanied by poisoning, insulting, accusing, sedition-making of authoritarians, tyrants and dictators, and the enemies of God have always poisoned the environment in the worst manner, and prevented people from the path of God. Hence, this is not something new that has happened and the audience of this honorable book must consider its proofs and reasons freely and fairly, and regardless of the temporary emotions and false excitements, should find the truth and act in accordance with its requirements, Insha’Allah.

In fact, maybe by relying on the pure hierology “criterion and impediments to cognition” which his Excellency Allamah has explained in the honorable book “Return to Islam”, one can say that whenever someone adheres to the criterion of cognition and stays away from the impediments to cognition, will achieve the truth by the permission of God, and by the divine success, will be successful in performing its requirements. But the point here is that the book Return to Islam is the starting point. The book begins with epistemology and then teaches us the correct way of cognition, and then does not abandon us, but rather in the very same way that taught us that, shows us the truth of Islam and the true Islam. One may say that this honorable book provides a thorough and comprehensive knowledge for its reader that this knowledge (certainty) is an introduction for action. But it is important that this thorough and comprehensive knowledge has a brief knowledge in its introduction, and that is the knowledge of our ignorance. It means someone who presumes that he/she does not know something and it is possible that he/she is wrong, and also presumes that those whom he/she is in love with and respects and obeys, have been wrong, such a person finds the book and goes to a corner and with these mere possibilities and with fairness and without suspicion, reads it and will be guided by God’s will. We may bring an example to clarify this subject which is in fact an example from Quran. A doctor can treat and heal a patient by the permission of God, but cannot do the same for a dead person! His Excellency Allamah can guide those who are sick but alive with this honorable book by the permission of God. Someone whose heart is dead in the marsh of compound ignorance and the fear of non-God and ignorant prejudices and arrogance and blind imitation, cannot be brought to path of truth with any wisdom. As He has said: ﴿و ما أنت بمسمع من فی القبور. Therefore, it is necessary for me and people to seek refuge to God from these defects that will kill the wisdom and sicken the heart, and we should ask Him for guidance and progression, May it be with His compassion, people’s heart soften, and they return to His Caliph on earth and establish pure and complete Islam and universal justice on earth, and this is the cognition which the great scholar Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, may God protect him, has explained in his book and invites toward it . And praise be to God, the lord of the worlds.

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