Sunday, October 24, 2021 AD / Rabi' al-awwal 17, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(57) The man does not only need political and economic growth; because his powers and talents are not limited to material things, but he needs a harmonious growth in all human dimensions, and such growth is given to him only by religion. (Section: Articles and Remarks)

About allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him

His Excellency Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him, is a just scholar, a Mujahid inviter and a revolutionary leader in Great Khorasan who has an excellent school of belief and jurisprudence based on Islamic certainties and away from suspicious approaches and he is considered a role model of moderation, rationality and loyalty to the original principles and ideals of Islam in the present age and he has devoted the entire of his blessed life to reforming the beliefs and practices of Muslims and fighting against heresies and deviations in Islamic sects, and now he is leading a global movement with the slogan “Return to Islam” and the symbol of the black flags of the Prophet that Its purpose is to pave the way for the realization of God's universal sovereignty, through the establishment of the universal sovereignty of Imam Mahdi peace be upon him as God's caliph on earth.

Considering that he believes in the possibility and certainty of the advent of Imam Mahdi peace be upon him- who is the promise of the prophets - if there are enough and ready companions for him, and therefore, he is doing his best to pave the way for his advent by gathering and training enough and ready companions for him, so that in this way, the path for realization of global justice and relief of human from loss is paved, Insha’Allah. This is what has frightened some oppressive and hypocritical governments in the region from this lonely and oppressed scholar and has made them to have hostility toward him and confront him. To the extent that he has been persecuted and targeted with all kinds of slanders, insults and threats, and has been forced to live and work in secret[1].

This wise and free leader, that his greatness and scholarly genius are evident in his published works, to the extent that, according to the people of information and justice, he is considered the most knowledgeable of the scholars of the Ummah, does not belong to any government or nation; Because he does not legitimize any government except the government of God and his caliph on earth[2] and he does not officially recognize any border between the Muslims of the world; As he does not belong to any of the Islamic sects; Because he does not consider any of them -whether from the Sunni sect or from the Shiite sects- to be complete and flawless, and he believes that all of them -more or less- are infected with some heresies and belief and jurisprudential deviations. Hence, he is only committed to pure Islam, and that according to his dictionary, is a collection of beliefs, morals, and precepts that are based solely on the Qur'an[3] and the Prophet's Mutawatir Sunnah, and on the enlightenment of “right wisdom”[4] meaning the intellect free from Ignorance, imitation, carnal desires, worldliness, bigotry, arrogance and superstition[5].

this great man yet with no claim, whom many consider to be the promised Mansoor Khorasani - the owner of the black flags - in Islamic narrations, does not consider himself a prophet or an Imam or someone who has a special position on behalf of God[6] He is only a righteous and guided scholar who performs his rational and religious duty to call for good and enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil and he expects all Muslims to collaborate with him by the command of “Collaborate in charity and piety”[7]; to accomplish his sacred goal which is the goal of Islam.

It should be noted that the only official and valid source for more information about the personality, thoughts and activities of this great scholar is the “Website for the office of Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani (present website)” and none of the speculations and claims of other sources about him has no validity and is not reliable prior to confirmation and validation of this website. More information about him will be published in the following sections:

Sayings; Beliefs; Cognition about the Caliphs of God; Mahdi; Mansoor and the movement for preparation of the grounds for the advent of Mahdi

Questions and Answers; Beliefs; Cognition about the Caliphs of God; Mahdi; Mansoor and the movement for preparation of the grounds for the advent of Mahdi

Criticisms and Investigations; Beliefs; Cognition about the Caliphs of God; Mahdi; Mansoor the preparer of the grounds for the advent of Mahdi

At present, more detailed information about him is available only to those who become members of this Islamic website with the motive of supporting him; As a result of many security problems and dangers, it is only possible to meet him with well-known and trusted people.

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