Sunday September 20, 2020 AD Safar 2, 1442 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(37) Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani does not claim to be Mahdi at all and he does not want chaos in the society, but he invites toward Imam Mahdi peace be upon him and considers the realization of his sovereignty as possible as the realization of the sovereignty of others. He is trying to make you understand that you can bring Mahdi to power as you bring Zayd and Amr to power and therefore, he is not calling for anarchy, but for the sovereignty of Mahdi. (Section: Criticisms and investigations)
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About the book "Return to Islam"

The book “Return to Islam” is the most important work of allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him that has turned to a foundation for a blessed cultural movement and a motto of liberal and oppressed Muslims throughout the globe.

Publisher of the book has written the following in introduction to the book:

“The honorable book “Return to Islam” is a noble, valuable and revolutionary work in the field of knowledge of Islam, which analyzes current version of Islam very wisely and redefines its fundamentals and sources, along with a thorough inspection of beliefs and deeds of Muslims and invites toward establishing a complete and pure Islam all over the world based on Islamic trivial facts and certitudes. The intellectual and knowledgeable author of this book, his Excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, with his special God-given talent which is not hidden for those who have insight and perspicacity, declares the most fundamental scholarly and professional arguments about Islam with clear statements which is understandable for all Muslims and he intentionally ignores common terminology and knowingly avoids widespread verbiage and talkativeness, and writes down deepest and most precise concepts of Islam in simplest and clearest manner and he appears as a free Muslim with no affiliation to any of the Islamic sects or groups with a brave detachment to all political streams and frames and he takes all his brothers and sisters in religion from all sects, groups and lands alongside with himself from earth to the heavens of cognition and understanding. Because he sets aside all Islamic presuppositions and starts over from most basic fundamentals and then in his long scholarly and spiritual journey by utilizing wisdom in his footsteps and in the light of book of God that shines like a light in front of his steps, gains access to the highest level of Islamic knowledge and meanwhile, with a high level of insight and awareness toward people of his time, he never suffices to talk abstract and general statements, rather he finds realistic subject matters and objective examples in real world of Islam and introduces them and he does not let any fear penetrate him in disclosing Muslims deviations and mistakes and he discloses them with good intention in order to rectify them.

Without a doubt he has written a book with his deep and high leveled thoughtfulness, which can indeed bring about awakening of all Muslims of the world and return them to pure Islam and relieve them from their current misery and ignominy. A book that cuts the ill feeble body of Ummah (nation) of Islam with his sharp criticizing knife and announces the roots of disorder and failure in an unequivocal and brave manner.

A book that unveils the true miserable unfortunate realities existing in world of Islam, as it is, and speaks about the lost truth of Islam, as it should be. A book that does not belong to any sect or land, rather belongs to genuine Islam and all its followers around the world and it accompanies every free and enlightened Muslim from every sect and land and spreads the heavenly Islamic awakening and the spiritual call for return to genuine long forgotten teachings of Islam in east and west.

Based on this, we invite all those who comprehend the value of this school of thought and Islamic ideology, to help us in translation, printing and publishing this book among Muslims of the world. Because this is an extremely hard and breathtaking job due to various hindrances and obstructions on the way and this non-government office with its low capabilities does not have the ability to do it all alone.

To contact us and to access the explanations and translations of this book refer to”

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Book Return to Islam
Book Return to Islam
Book Return to Islam
Book Return to Islam
Book Return to Islam
Book Return to Islam
Book Return to Islam
A review of Return to Islam by Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani