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Number: 5 Code: 38
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Cognition about God’s Caliph on earth; About Mahdi and preparing the grounds for his advent

Author: Mohammad Date: 17/07/2015

Firstly, I would like to thank you for accepting this humble servant to serve in the path of Imam Mahdi’s advent peace be upon him.

The best greetings and next:

First Question: Is the physical vitality of Imam Mahdi peace be upon him growing or is he always young by Almighty God’s power?

Second Question: Has Imam Mahdi peace be upon him married, and does he have any children or not?

Third Question: Ayatollah ... [One of the Shia scholars] has said that Imam Mahdi peace be upon him has married with an Iranian girl in Tehran. What is your opinion on the words of this man?

Finally, thank you for your precious efforts. Wish you all success. Greetings.

Answer to question: 5 Date: 17/07/2015

Please note the following:

1 . Imam Mahdi peace be upon him similar to his ancestor the prophet of God peace be upon him and his household, and according to the rule «إِنَّمَا أَنَا بَشَرٌ مِثْلُكُم» (Al-Kahf/ 110) is a human like all other people from a physical perspective, and therefore he is exposed to natural side effects, and this is not in contrast to narrations which announce the advent of his excellency in the form of a young person despite his old age; because the young appearance in some old and well-natured people is a matter of precedent and is not considered abnormal; regardless of the fact that there might be some dignities for his excellency from God; Because God is capable of doing anything and He is very forgiving and merciful.

2 . The marriage of Imam Mahdi peace be upon him is intellectually and religiously possible, but it is not proved. Therefore, there is no point in talking about it.

3 . Imam Mahdi's marriage with a girl from Tehran is merely a claim that there is no evidence for it, and therefore it is unlikely that Mr. ... has made such a claim, and if he has made such a claim, he has made a mistake. You are expected to rely on certain and definite news, and do not follow the conjectural and illusory news; because the conjectural and illusory news have no validity and are instances of superstition and rumor.

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