Wednesday June 3, 2020 AD Shawwal 11, 1441 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
* At the same time as Eid al-Adha English translation of the honorable book “Return to Islam” written by Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani is published.
Number: 7 Code: 27

A sermon from his honor to those who did not accept his invitation and began to oppose it.

The saying text:

«زنده باد سری که به قدر خویش داناست و پاینده باد دلی که به عیب خویش شناساست. ناشنوای حقیقی آن است که به آواز حق ناشنواست و نابینای واقعی آن است که به جلوه‌ی حق نابیناست. بی‌تردید حق را نشانتان دادم و نخواستید ببینید و سرودش را بر شما خواندم اما نشنیدید و راهش را برایتان هموار ساختم ولی نپیمودید. به راستی می‌گویم که شما را اندرز دادم و به سوی خیر دعوت نمودم؛ دانش را برایتان پیراسته کردم و حکمت را جویده در دهانتان نهادم؛ با حجّت‌هایی که از فولاد استوارتر است و بیّناتی که از برف پاکیزه‌تر؛ مانند ستاره‌ای که در شب درخشان می‌شود و مانند چراغی که در تاریکی روشن؛ تا گمگشتگان کوهستان‌ها راه یابند و سرگشتگان بیابان‌ها شاد شوند؛ با تزکیه‌ها و تعلیم‌ها و مثل‌ها و نصیحت‌ها؛ بدون مزدی که بر شما گران آید یا ادّعایی که شما را بترساند؛ ولی با این حال، از من گریختید و با من ستیزه جُستید! وای بر شما! آیا در انتظار چیزی بهتر از این هستید که من برای شما آوردم؟! در حالی که بهتر از یقین چیزی نیست و فراتر از آن چیزی نخواهد آمد! من کتاب خداوند را بر شما خواندم و سنّت پیامبرش را به شما آموختم و پهلوی باطل را شکافتم و حق را از درونش بیرون کشیدم و کسی جز من جرأت آن را نداشت! اگر شما با من همراه شوید من شما را از گمراهان می‌رهانم و به مهدی می‌رسانم و این برای شما خوب است و اگر با من همراه نشوید من را بر شما سلطه‌ای نیست؛ آن گاه بر فراز این قلّه یا درون آن درّه‌ی خود می‌مانم و از گیاه زمین و آب آسمان تغذیه می‌کنم و پروردگارم را می‌پرستم تا هنگامی که من را به نزد خویش برد یا برای من حکم فرماید؛ چراکه او مهربان‌ترین مهربانان و برترین حکم کنندگان است».

Translation of the saying:

“Long live the head that knows its own value and long live the heart that knows its own fault. The real deaf is one who does not hear the call of the truth and the real blind is one who does not see the sight of the truth. Undoubtedly, I showed you the truth but you did not want to see it, and I sang its anthem for you but you did not hear it, and I made its way smooth for you but you did not traverse it. I am saying the truth that I advised you and I invited you to the good; I embellished knowledge for you and I spoon-fed you the wisdom; with proofs that are stronger than steel and reasons that are purer than snow; like a star that brightens in the night and like a lamp that lights up in the darkness; till those who are lost in the mountains, find their way and those who are wandering in the deserts, become happy; by the refinements and teachings and proverbs and advises; without any wage that would be heavy for you or any claim that would scare you; however, you ran away from me and you conflicted with me! Woe to you! Are you waiting for anything better than what I brought you?! While there is nothing better than certainty and nothing higher than it will ever come! I read the book of God to you and I taught you the Sunnah of His Prophet and I ripped the flank of the falsehood and pulled the truth out of its inside and nobody had the courage to do it except me! If you come with me, I will save you from the misguided and I will take you to Mahdi and this is good for you and if you do not come with me, I have no domination over you; then I will stay on the top of this mountain or inside that valley and I will feed myself from the plants of earth and water of the sky and I will worship my Lord until He takes me to Himself or He judges me; because He is the most merciful among the merciful and the He is the highest judge”.

Explanation of the saying:

His honor’s meaning of “proofs that are stronger than steel and reasons that are purer than snow” and also “refinements and teachings and proverbs and advises” is his precious teachings that the extract of them is the great book “Return to Islam” that has shone on Islamic world like a sun of wisdom and cognition and is enlightening and shining, but miserable blind-heart people do not see its ray and they stay in their darkness.

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