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Cognition about the Caliphs of God; Mahdi; Signs of the advent of Mahdi and seditions of the end times

Author: Homayun Danesh Date: 03/04/2015

I have a question from you and that is a person named Sheykh ... whose speeches are mostly in English, says a narration from the Prophet peace be upon him and his family that states: Antichrist will rule over the earth for forty days that one of those days is equal to one year and the second day is equal to one month and the third day is equal to one week and the rest of the days are equal to normal days.

Please explain this narration more clearly. Is this narration valid?

Answer to question: 4 Date: 04/04/2015

The narrations that have been received about Antichrist, are generally Mutawatir, but the narration about the length of his ruling is a Wahid narration which Ahmad, Muslim, Ibn Majah and Abu Davoud have narrated from their own references from Navas ibn Samaan Kalabi from the Prophet peace be upon him and his family and therefore it does not lead to certainty and hence are not reliable; because conjecture has no authority in Islam; As God has said: «إِنَّ الظَّنَّ لَا يُغْنِي مِنَ الْحَقِّ شَيْئًا»[1]; “But indeed conjecture does not help anything about the truth”. Furthermore, the interpretation of the person whom you pointed about this narration that the intention from three days is three periods of sovereignty of the western governments in the past two centuries, is also conjectural like the narration itself; because there is no intellectual or religious reason for obtaining certainty about it.

Yes, this interpretation, compared to some other interpretations about this narration seems more reasonable and its rightness is not improbable; except that it is opposite to the perception of the narrator; because Navas ibn Sama’an Kalabi did not have an allegorical perception from this narration; to the extent that he claims he asked the Prophet peace be upon him and his family about the command of prayer during these periods of times and his excellency answered him based on this perception and this is considered his utterance to this perception. Although it is feasible his excellency, in this case has answered commensurate with his level of wisdom and comprehension, but it is also feasible that it is not true and therefore one cannot verify the consistency of this interpretation with the appearance of the narration.

Anyway, one should know that belief in the principle of Antichrist’s existence at the end of times and his corruptions in the world in an abnormal manner, is not contingent on this narration alone and this narration only determines his period of rulership, having faith in which is not necessary and hypothesizing about it is useless. What is certain, and one can find among some statements from his honor Mansoor, is that most of the narrations that describe Antichrist contain symbols and allegories; because on one hand they are Mutawatir and certain overall and on the other hand their appearances are irrational and unreal; like the one that says he has fire in one hand and heaven in the other hand and it is written on his forehead “infidelity” or “infidel” and he makes the dead alive and heals the blind and has a donkey that travels around the world and therefore, there is no choice other than to consider them as symbolic and allegorical.

Fortunately, we have received Quranic and rational information about identity of Antichrist from his honor Mansoor that has shed light on the meaning of these type of narrations. This information reveals that “Antichrist” is a general title like “Pharaoh” that refers to the highest rank of the Satanic network at any time and therefore, “Antichrist” is not a newly emerged phenomenon; rather there is an Antichrist for all times; although the latest of them is the greatest of them and he is the very Antichrist who will be killed by Jesses peace be upon him after reappearance of Mahdi peace be upon him according to Mutawatir narrations. Plus, whoever makes a claim in opposition to certain beliefs and rules of Islam by doing some abnormal acts that is like a miracle is also considered an “Antichrist”.

In order to get more information about this subject please refer to the saying number 117 from the sayings of his honor Mansoor may God protect him.

↑[1] . Yunus/ 36
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