Tuesday March 31, 2020 AD Sha'aban 6, 1441 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Number: 2 Code: 3

A saying from him that accompanying him is necessary even though he be not a promised one.

The saying text:

شماری از یارانمان ما را خبر دادند، گفتند: مردی از سرزمینی دور به نزد منصور هاشمی خراسانی آمد و پس از گفتگویی چند، دست او را گرفت و عرضه داشت: «من گواهی می‌دهم که تو همان زمینه‌ساز موعود مهدی هستی که پیامبر خداوند ما را به همراهی با او فرمان داد»! آن بزرگوار چون این سخن را شنید، بی‌درنگ دست خود را از دست آن مرد بیرون کشید و با عتابی به او فرمود:

«دست از من بدار ای برادر! آیا این همه راه را از سرزمین خود آمده‌ای تا من را درباره‌ی دینم فریب دهی؟! به خدا سوگند من زمینه‌ی ظهور مهدی را می‌سازم، ولی اهمّیت نمی‌دهم که من را به چه چیز می‌نامی؛ زیرا من آسمان آبی را سقف خود و زمین خاکی را فرش خود نساخته‌ام و خود را مانند پاره‌سنگی در اقیانوس بلا نینداخته‌ام تا تو از سرزمین خویش بیایی و من را موعود بنامی! آیا من «پسر انسان» نیستم؟! پس من را «پسر انسان» بنام و در راهی که پیش گرفته‌ام همراهی‌ام کن؛ چراکه من به سوی مهدی رهسپارم و با تو یا بی تو به او خواهم رسید»!

سپس در حالی که بر می‌خاست تا برود، با آواز بلند فرمود:

«من ندا کننده‌ای پیش روی مهدی هستم که ندا می‌کنم: راه را باز کنید»!

Translation of the saying:

A number of our companions informed us and said: a man came to Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani from a very distant land and after he had some conversation with him he took his hand and said: “I witness that you are the promised preparer of the grounds for appearance of Mahdi that Prophet of God has commanded us to accompany”! When the honorable man heard this, he pulled out his hand immediately and told him with reproof:

“Leave me alone oh you brother! Have you come all along this far distant trip to deceive me about my religion?! I swear to God that I will prepare the grounds for advent of Mahdi but I do not care what will you name me; Because I have not chosen the blue sky as my roof top and I have not selected the soil on earth as my carpet and I have not thrown myself like a stone into the ocean of sedition and disaster so that you come from your land and name me a promised person! Am I not the son of man?! So call me the “son of man” and accompany me on the route that I have started because I am heading to Mahdi and I will get to him with you or without you!”

Then as he was standing up to leave he said with a loud voice:

“I am an announcer ahead of Mahdi who calls: Clear the way”

Explanation of the saying:

Hereby we know that accompanying this preparer of the grounds for advent of Mahdi is because of conformity of his school of thought, teachings and ambition to book of God and certain Sunnah of His messenger, regardless he is a promised one or not. Therefore those who pledge their allegiance to him merely based on the conjecture that he is the promised person while they do not have knowledge about his school of thought, teachings and ambition, their allegiance is not accepted; because conjecture has no degree of honor in this honorable noble man’s doctrine and cannot be the basis for solidarity with him, unless one reaches to a point of certitude that he is the promised one in which case he can act based on his knowledge.

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