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Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Cognition about God’s Caliph on earth; Signs of advent of Mahdi and seditions in end times

Author: Saeed Date: 03/01/2015

What is his Excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani’s opinion about some claimants today who consider themselves as Imam Mahdi’s envoy and even his child with referring to some dreams and natural disasters and also general narrations, and invite people toward themselves with this title?

Answer to question: 1 Date: 03/01/2015

The presence of a representative or an envoy or a child for Imam Mahdi, is not among rational or religious impossibilities, because his Excellency, according to the saying about his existence today, is a human being like others and can take a representative or an envoy like others to do some of his works, and he can marry and have a child, but given that being a representative or an envoy or a child for another person, is against the original principle, it needs to be proven, and proving it is possible through valid intellectual and religious methods, and merely dreaming is not among those methods; as that natural events and succinct narrations that are adaptable to different people are not among those methods. Therefore, the claimants who consider themselves as representative or envoy or child of Imam Mahdi by referring to such affairs, cannot be acknowledged and denying them is permissible. This is only if their other words and deeds are not against the principles of Islam, but if their other words and deeds are against the principles of Islam, then there remains no need for discussion about denying them, for example, inviting Muslims to swear allegiance to themselves, or calling themselves with religious titles which certainly do not fit them, or making friends with oppressor rulers, or teaching things against obvious facts of Islam, or stating superstitions and illusions and absurd and low opinions; because it is not possible for Imam Mahdi to take such fools as his representative or envoy so that they would arise sedition among Muslims and waste their time and power with their nonsense; although, being the child of his Excellency even with such words and deeds, would not be denied if they have a valid reason for it; except that being the child of his Excellency alone, does not obligate people to obey them; there have been many children of prophets and Imams who were infidels or oppressors and obeying them were forbidden.

The result is that authenticating such claimants and obeying them is not acceptable, but denying them and repelling their evil is obligatory for any Muslim who is wealthy; because such claimants, whether they are cunning liars or psychopathologists, they pull Islamic rituals down with their exorbitant claims and false teachings, and they cause degradation of Islam and they throw Muslims into doubt and suspicion, so that they would not distinguish between the truth after appearance and the evil and they would not distinguish between the miracle after being done and the magic, and they will reach to a degree of pessimism and prejudice that after appearance of Mahdi, they will consider him another liar among all liars and this will be only because of the sedition that these Satan's children have caused; because they have left no verse and narration, unless they have adapted them to themselves and have not left any miracles and signs unless they have claimed for themselves, then they have filled the ears of the Muslims with all of those things so that Muslims would have no longer any tendency to hear anything like them and deny anything of their kind without thinking and reviewing and thus, they will not be able to recognize Mahdi in case of his appearance and they will probably stay against him due to ignorance and idiotism. Certainly, this is a trick of Satan to prevent the recognition of his Excellency and accepting him, which is currently being carried out through his ominous children in some Islamic countries such as Iran and Iraq.

May God curse the false claimants, who are the greatest enemies of Mahdi and his true followers, and they hit the Islam the biggest hit and damage; because by exploiting the names of those honorable people and promoting suspicion and pessimism towards them, they make reforming Muslim affairs and establishing pure and complete Islam difficult for them, to the extent that nobody will be able to recognize and accept them but a few number of people and most people will stand against them with the assumption that they are false claimants; like the story of the liar shepherd that because false claims were heard from him repeatedly, once he claimed a truth, it was not heard either; because there was no trust in such claims of his. Yes, may God curse the false claimants and repel their evil from Islam and Muslims and pure existence of his Caliph on earth and his humble and real companions with his grace and mercy, and grant Muslims with distinguishing between the right and evil, and righteousness and falsehood, and truthfulness and lies, and wisdom and foolishness.

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