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Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Questions and answers

Q&A about About Mansoor and his preparation of the grounds for advent of Mahdi

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Muhammad 09/03/2015
Mona Soltani 03/03/2015
Homayoun Danesh 18/02/2015
Sayyed Jan Sadat 13/02/2015
Ali Asghar 09/02/2015
With our greetings, we want to know his honor’s opinion about this narration: Amir al-Mu’minin Ali peace be upon him has said: The great prophet peace be upon him and his household said: “A man will rise from Transoxiana who is called “Harith ibn Harith”,  the commander of his corps and the leader of his army is a man called “Mansoor” who will prepare sovereign ruling and monarchy for the household of Muhammad peace be upon him and his household or will provide power and dominance for them, as Quraysh prepared the grounds for sovereign ruling of God’s prophet peace be upon him and his household. It is obligatory to any muslim believer to aid him”. (Aghd al-Durar, page 130) [Also] we want to know his honor’s opinion about this narration: Conjunction occurs between Mars and Saturn every two years. Imam Ali peace be upon him considers the move of army of Khorasani and Shoaib bin Saleh from Samarkand toward Iraq, following the full conjunction of these two planets(1) a year before the rise of Mahdi peace be upon him: ... Be aware, you will have a short time ,after a while at which some of my speeches and also types of arguments and their correctness will be revealed for you, at the time of occurrence of exact conjunction of Mars and Saturn(1). At this time, consecutive vibrations and earthquakes will happen and some flags will rise up from Jeyhoon shore toward Babel desert ...(2). 1 . From Old astronomers viewpoint, the exact conjunction is when two stars come together at one degree and at one minute in one house, and according to new astronomers, when the distance between them, from the ground viewer’s look, be less than five astrological degrees. 2 . Mashariqul Anwar al-Yaqeen, page 266, the Tatanjiyyah sermon.
A group of youth who love his excellency Mahdi 02/02/2015
I am a resident of Afghanistan. ISIS has begun its work here and by the excuse of unjust caliphate is hiring and taking allegiance from people for itself! It is said that from April it is going to began what it has begun in Iraq! I beg his honor Mansoor who considers allegiance for God alone and invites toward Mahdi’s caliphate to stop them and stand against them and in anyway that he can, does not let them who are worse than Taliban to spill Muslims’ blood specially poor Shiites of this country; Since if they began their work here it is not known what calamities they will bring upon these people specially Shiites. I think no one except his honor Mansoor is left for us who can stand against this Gog and Magog! Because only he considers allegiance for God unlike Taliban and Al-Qaeda and ISIS and such, who invite to pledge allegiance to themeselves and behind the titles of caliphate and Islamic state, are carrying on their works! For God’s sake do something, because time is short and the government of here is weak and can not do much work! The units of Taliban also have joined them! Your honor Mansoor! Your invitation toward pledging allegiance to Allah and the caliphate of his honor Imam Mahdi, is true! For God’s sake try to stop vagrancy and homelessness of us, the people of Afghanistan, from starting again so that we do not become like the people of Iraq! Find and bring his honor Imam Mahdi as soon as possible so that he will rescue us from this seven-headed dragon!
Nazir Ahmad 01/02/2015
Anonymous 21/01/2015
Anonymous 20/01/2015
Khosro Karimi 20/01/2015
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Mojtaba Hassandoost 17/01/2015
Zahra Moosavi 14/01/2015
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