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Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
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Question & Answer

What is the opinion of Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani about his Excellency Imam Khomeini?

His Excellency Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani may God protect him has respect for all Muslim scholars and praises their scholarly services to the Muslims. However, he does not consider any of them as perfect and impeccable and infallible, and believes that they have had some flaws and mistakes along with their services which are necessary to be considered beside their useful services and it is not a disrespect to them to do so. However, considering their flaws and mistakes in the book “Return to Islam” does not mean to ignore their services, but it means to consider something which has been neglected by Muslims and has made them deviate from the line of pure and complete Islam. For example, one of these flaws and mistakes is promoting imitation culture instead of ijtihad culture, which has led to a decrease in religious knowledge in Muslims and an increase in ignorance, worldliness, prejudice and superstitionism in them; although the culture of ijtihad has not been properly described by them either and is an upgraded form of the culture of imitation. Another one of these flaws and mistakes is insistence on absolute guardianship of jurisprudent which has no basis in Islam and is impossible on the basis of rational and religious reasons; Considering that the intellect and religion do not allow complete and unconditional obedience to a non-infallible person, even though he is a great and gracious scholar, and does not invite, in any way, to his ruling sovereignty, but only invites to ruling sovereignty of whom God has cleansed him with His will from all impurities and has made his ruling sovereignty possible at all time. Once again, the impossibility of ruling sovereignty of such a person whose ruling sovereignty is considered the foundation of legitimacy of other ruling sovereignties is purely an illusion; because it is only caused due to the failure of Muslims in preparing the grounds for it and can be simply resolved by eliminating this failure. However, it is not possible to eliminate this failure through other ruling sovereignties; because it introduces a loophole and a contradiction; given that other ruling sovereignties themselves are the effect of this very cause and in this respect, they cannot be the cause for its elimination. Moreover, Mahdi’s ruling sovereignty, from the perspective that itself is considered a ruling sovereignty, is not different from other ruling sovereignties and therefore, if establishing and maintaining other ruling sovereignties is possible, then establishing and maintaining Mahdi’s ruling sovereignty is also possible, and if establishing and maintaining Mahdi’s ruling sovereignty is not possible, then establishing and maintaining other ruling sovereignties is not possible either. This means an “impasse in legitimacy” for other ruling sovereignties and their only resolution to overcome this impasse is to respond to invitation of Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani and gradually withdraw from power in favor of Mahdi and start the process for transferring the power to his excellency which certainly can be the preparation for his advent and realization of his ruling sovereignty. Because his excellency due to his cleanness from all impurities and his desire to establish the pure and complete Islam, is waiting for his own reappearance and ruling sovereignty and if the grounds for it is prepared by readiness of one of the Muslim rulers by withdrawing from power and transferring it to him, he will certainly do it, but the fact of the matter is that none of the Muslim rulers have ever had this readiness yet and none of them have been ready to leave the sweet position of power so far; rather they have been protecting their ruling sovereignty with all their political, cultural and economic might and have never tolerated any eye on it from anyone, even if he be the Mahdi. It is clear that, their ruling sovereignty, as long as they are attached to it in this manner and have not made any plans to transfer it to Mahdi, is an obstacle to advent of his excellency; Whereas, whenever they let go of their ruling sovereignty by heart and offer it to Mahdi persistently and seriously like Ansar with respect to the Messenger of God (PBUH), and not in deception and allegedly like Ma’mun Abbasid with respect to Ali ibn Musa al-Reza, Mahdi will accept from them and rise to rule over them like Ali ibn Abi Talib did after the murder of Uthman, and then in the light of this ruling sovereignty, he will fill the earth with justice, as it is filled with oppression.

Therefore, gradual withdrawal from power in favor of Mahdi and beginning the process of transferring power to him, can lead to his reappearance and realization of his ruling sovereignty; and this is a process that can start in any of the Islamic countries. Because all of them has the option, should they do this process, to turn into a host for Mahdi and a center for his ruling sovereignty, but naturally whoever accomplishes this process earlier, will precede in beneficence and will own the honor and get many worldly and heavenly privileges after the realization of Mahdi’s ruling sovereignty.

All in all, the withdrawal from power by Muslim rulers and transferring the ruling sovereignty to Mahdi is inevitable anyways and must be done sooner or later. Hence, his Excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani recommends them to take this action peacefully and under his guidance as an impartial and visionary supervisor as soon as possible; because they themselves are in one side of a conflict that Mahdi is on the other side and in this regard, they are considered beneficiaries and are deemed untrustworthy and one cannot sit and wait for another thousand years with fingers crossed in hope for their independent and voluntary action; This is while his Excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani is neither in possession of any sovereignty nor is seeking nor accepting any, and therefore he can play an effective and catalytic role as a mediator and coordinator in transferring the power to Mahdi. Given all this, if Muslim rulers truly want Mahdi’s ruling sovereignty, they must set aside their pride and arrogance, and fearlessly and unconcernedly utilize his counsel in this realm as an advisor, expert and a guide toward advent of Mahdi and put their trust in God and proceed along the course of the meanders in this tedious path which ultimately leads to salvation in this world and hereafter. This is a perspective of the horizon that one can depict for Muslim rulers with respect to Mahdi and it seems that any other perspective except for this is nothing but a dream and illusion.

It is hoped that with the blessing of Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani’s movement, Muslims’ view about Mahdi and his ruling sovereignty becomes an open and realistic view; as he is trying to correct their attitude about his Excellency and bring about his reappearance and sovereignty out of the darkness of illusion and fantasy to the light of reality and objectivity and this is the very practical preparation of the grounds for reappearance and ruling sovereignty of Mahdi and it is not just allegedly, which is being done only by him if you see it fairly and inductively and it is not done anywhere else other than before him. May God grants all Muslims the success of comprehending these profound teachings and privilege them to join the true ground preparers of reappearance of Mahdi and protects them from the deception of the devils who use all their capabilities to prevent them from doing this obligatory and vital task.

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