Saturday, January 29, 2022 AD / Jumada al-thani 26, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(22) Believing in the caliphate of the Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet does not belong to the Shia and it is not based on their sources, rather, it belongs to the original Islam and it is based on the commonalities of all Muslims and therefore, it should not be considered a Shia belief. (Section: Criticisms and investigations)
Criticism & investigation

In the article written on the honorable website, you mentioned the infidel west and the like-that United States of America and the truth-oriented Islam several times, that most of these sentences have been heard for 35 years and have not had a good effect as much as a wheat seed. The biggest mistake in the existing world is to hand over the sovereignty of the countries to the religious and spiritual officials of the societies, which has left its undesirable effects on the political, economic, military, and social administration of the countries, and today we, 75 million Iranians, are immersed in swamp by the religious sovereignty in this world and are floundering. Never and never will the clergy and their entourage in the age of space and the Internet be able to lead a nation to all-round progress. We have heard from the past that the honor of any place depends on the person who sits in that place. The religion cannot lead mankind to the right and honesty in the position of lie and discrimination and extravagance of individuals and hundreds of other shortcomings in society. Until now, human history has not shown such a thing.

Dear friend!

The talk about the incompetence of “the religious and spiritual officials of the societies” for the sovereignty has become as old and repetitive as the talk about their competence for it; because these two theories have always been put together, and neither “has had a good effect as much as a wheat seed”! If “the religious and spiritual officials of societies” have ruled for decades, secular and laic officials of societies have ruled for centuries, but the result of their sovereignty has not been anything but ignorance, poverty, discrimination, corruption, war, insecurity and brutality for the whole world! It seems that the phrase “the honor of any place depends on the person who sits in that place” is the only thing that your Honor has heard from “the past”; for you have not even heard this that “the religious and spiritual officials of societies” did not wage the greatest destructive and devastating wars in history, but these very secular and laic officials of societies waged them, who by plundering the resources of the poor and oppressed countries and exploiting the working and deprived class, gained wealth and power and established their sovereignty over the broken bones of blacks and the shed blood of Indians tribes. Yes, the clergy and spiritual officials of the Catholic Church also during their thousand years of their sovereignty over Europe brought nothing but horror and misery to its people, and raised “the anti-Christ”, this child of satan, like an adulteress in their womb, however, it was the secular and laic officials of there who, in the eighteenth century, as a midwife gave birth to this sinister child and, after two centuries of upbringing, made him the ruler of the whole world.

It is hereby understood that the sovereignty of “the religious and spiritual officials” and the sovereignty of non-religious and non-spiritual officials of the societies are two sides of the same coin, and none of them, in your words, “have had a good effect as much as a wheat seed”! Accordingly, Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani believes: “The biggest mistake in the existing world” is not only “handing over the sovereignty to the religious and spiritual officials of the societies", but also handing over the sovereignty to all those whom the Creator of the world has not deemed worthy of and has not appointed for the sovereignty, and “the religious and spiritual officials of the societies” are among them; given that the Creator of the world is the most deserving for its administration, and He does so by introducing “the perfect human” as His representative.

Yes, of course, if your Honor do not believe in the existence of God, it is necessary to believe in His existence regarding His signs in the skies and the earth and the order that has encompassed everything and the rhythmic movements that rule the nature, but if you believe in His existence, it is necessary to accept this definite fact that the sovereignty over the world belongs to Him alone, and human does not deserve to rule over human. The realization of justice in the world depends on the realization of God’s sovereignty over it, and God’s sovereignty over it is realized when His Caliph in it achieves sovereignty, and His Caliph in it attains sovereignty when people like you abandon “the religious and spiritual officials” and “the non-religious and non-spiritual officials” and still do not go from these to those and from those to these, but turn your face from both toward “the perfect human” and ask your needs from him and kneel before him desperately and, while admitting your thousand-year-old mistake, ask him to be magnanimous toward you and to accept the sovereignty over you, so that he frees you from your humiliation and penury, and brings you dignity and happiness.

This is the only way of salvation for you, and any way other than this is a devious path to ruin, whether you call it religion or blasphemy (Kufr); because without God and His Caliph on earth, there is not much difference between religion and blasphemy, and whoever does not pledge allegiance to God and His Caliph on earth, if he wants, pledges allegiance to “the religious and spiritual officials” and if he wants, to “the non-religious and non-spiritual officials”; rather if he wants, to a stone and if he wants, to a wood; because it is the same for him!

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