Friday November 27, 2020 AD Rabi' al-thani 11, 1442 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(16) Imamate in the Book of God is of two types and there is no third type: one is Imamate by the command of God, which is the basis of God’s sovereignty, and the other is the Imamate without God’s command, which is the basis of the sovereignty of Taughut; as He has said about the descendants of Ibrahim: “And we have set them as leaders who will guide to our commandments”; (Al-Anbya/ 73) and He has said about the descendants of the Pharaoh: “And we set them as leaders who invite people toward the fire!”; (Al-Anbya/ 73) without saying “to our commandments”. (Section: Criticisms and investigations)
Criticism & investigation

Why does his honor call himself Khorasani? Email his reasons!

From false claimants researcher!

His honor Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani is called “Khorasani” because he is from Khorasan and lives in that geographical region! But why are you called “false claimants researcher”?! Is it because you research about false claimants or because you are a researcher at the service of false claimants?! Those who have the greatest false claim, meaning the absolute Welayah[1] upon the religion and the life of people, but they consider his honor Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani as a false claimant who does not have any specific claim about himself and only invites toward Imam Mahdi peace be upon him and preparing the grounds for his advent; Those who have hired some researchers by the wealth of Imam Mahdi peace be upon him, to prevent the formation of any movement for his benefit and to represent any action to support him as deviant, by their unscientific and unfair researches.

↑[1] . [Translator note: means “guardianship”]
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