Tuesday, December 7, 2021 AD / Jumada al-awwal 2, 1443 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
(18) The foundation for formation of Islamic sovereign ruling and its political legitimacy, is contingent upon God’s solid and exclusive permission which does not exist for any of the current rulers in the world of Islam and therefore, none of their sovereign ruling is considered Islamic. (Article 1)
Criticism & investigation

I did not know his honor before and even did not hear his name! I did not see any biography nor a picture of him on the internet too! It is not known at all if such a person exists! Assuming that he exists, it also is not known if he is Shia or Sunni! What kind of pure and complete Islam is this to which he invites and in which has disproved “absolute guardianship of Faqih” and has mentioned the names of Ahl al-Bayt without “peace be upon him”?! If he is Shia, he should have mentioned the names of Ahl al-Bayt with “peace be upon him” and if he is Sunni, at least should have mentioned their names with “Allah is pleased with him”!

The fact that you did not know his excellency Allamah Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani before and did not hear his name, is not a reason for him to not exist. As the wise people have said: “To not find is not the reason for to not exist”! As you surely do not know many of scholars of the world of Islam in different countries too, and have not heard their names and nonetheless, they exist and whether you know or not, are doing their scientific and cultural activities. In addition, it is clear that “Internet” is not the protected tablet of God so that on which existing biographies and pictures of all God’s servants is necessary, rather is a network made by infidels and oppressors for promoting their own culture and publishing it in this world and therefore, biographies and pictures of them and their friends are abundant on it, but biographies and pictures of righteous servants of God are not found on it! Yes, unfortunately you are under the influence of inductions of ignorant, rancorous and sick people, otherwise you know that on the contrary the most righteous servants of God are those who are unknown and flee from fame and this does not mean they do not exist, rather it may be that the existing of others is due to the good omen of their existence and others are given time by the blessing of their existence! They are the ones that by the explanation of some narrations “are unknown and anonymous on earth, but are famous and famed in heaven”! Yes, you too just like some other emotional and naive youth, are under the influence of propaganda of liars, otherwise it is strange that you consider existing biography and picture of someone on the internet as a reason for his existence, but do not consider the existence of a book like “Return to Islam” with an unbeatable depth and an unique accuracy as a reason for its great and scholar author’s existence and you give it the possibility that it is created by itself!! Anyway, remember that a wise human is the one who does not recognize the right by individuals, rather recognizes individuals by the right, while the ignorant human does the opposite and considers the fame or the status or the title of people as a reason for them being right and their anonymity as a reason for them being false. This undoubtedly is an obvious ignorance!

But the fact that you have regarded the sect of his honor Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani unknown, is natural; Since he does not own a specific and stereotypical sect of the kind you know and like, so that it be known! His honor, as he himself has clarified it in his book and is obvious from his thoughts, is considered a Hanif Muslim and is not a Shia nor a Sunni in the meaning that you think. Of course his honor is only loyal to the book of God and the mutawatir Sunnah of prophet peace be upon him and his household and His caliph on earth and this, from another perspective, can be considered as the real Shiite and the real Sunnite.

But the fact that you have been excited because “peace be upon him” or “Allah is pleased with him” has not been written after Ahl al-Bayt’s names and have considered it as a kind of disrespecting them, is because of your superficiality and cavil; Since his excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani has proved the caliphate of Ahl al-Bayt by referring to the Holy Quran and the mutawatir Sunnah of prophet peace be upon him and his household and clear intellectual requirements, and has put the basis of his movement on invitation toward them and is trying to realize their sovereignty on earth, and this shows respecting them much more than the two phrases “peace be upon him” and “Allah is pleased with him”, rather respecting them more than this is not possible! With this description, it is strange that someone like you, although give the titles of Ahl al-Bayt to others and consider others equal to them in guardianship and by doing this disrespect them the most, accuse the ground preparer of their sovereignty and the inviter toward them of disrespecting them!! It may be that you have not learned anything from respecting them except “peace be upon him” or “Allah is pleased with him”; As you have not learned any work from Shiite except saying poems and crying for them!

Anyway, his excellency Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani, in the honorable book “Return to Islam”, by a wise and well-wishing method, has avoided writing phrases and expressions that have been turned into a specific slogan for a special sect so that he is not being accused of unnecessary siding with a special sect and does not foment the disagreement among Islamic sects. Therefore, he has avoided writing the two phrases “peace be upon him” and “Allah is pleased with him” after the names of Ahl al-Bayt and the names of companions; Since if he had written “peace be upon him” after Ahl al-Bayt’s names, a group of Muslims would have said he is Shia and if he had written “Allah is pleased with him” after companions’ names, another group of Muslims like you would have said he is Sunni; As if he had written “peace be upon him” after Ahl al-Bayt’s names and “Allah is pleased with him” after companion’ names they would have said the same too! Anyway, it is clear that any other thing which he would have written or any other work which he would have done, people like you would have not been satisfied with him and would have complained on him in other ways and would have got other excuses to blame him; Since people like you oppose him for another reason and that is his critique of your deviations and innovations and the ones whom you have gotten as the protectors other than God, otherwise you know there is not any deviation in his speeches and his book is scientific and Islamic. Undoubtedly if he, like some traitor scholars, had been silent against your deviations and innovations and had shown devotion to your protectors other than God, you would have never opposed him, rather would have acknowledged his scientific level and would have gathered biography and picture for him just like others! But he has criticized your deviations and innovations in the religion and your protectors other than God, and this in your opinion is a great and unforgivable crime that makes any lie and accusation and insult upon him and absolute rejecting all of his book as a fair, Halal even obligatory punishment! While his honor by his scholarly and well-wishing critique of you, has served and has benefited you, and has not oppressed and has not harmed you, and if you are wise and well-wisher, you will appreciate and thank him because of it.

God give you the luck of insight in the religion and recognizing the truth from falsehood and rescue you from the trap of deceivers and liars who by the backing of Muslims’ funds, make your mind sick and poisoned; Since only He is able to do this and if He does not show mercy on you simple-hearted naive people, there is nothing Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani even Mahdi peace be upon him can do!

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